Elder Scrolls V: Speculation

Erik @ Probable Failure talks about what Bethesda could bring us with Elder Scrolls V. Featuring words, charts, and everything!

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Marcus Fenix2743d ago

I personally think that 1 elder scrolls game per gen is enough, make a new 1 each gen with new engine every time, that's make u feel a big leap, instead of doing fallout: vegas.

probablefailure2743d ago

I thought the way you did initially, as Oblivion was a great technological leap from Morrowind, but I would have to disagree with you now. After playing Morrowind a second time, I realized there was a much bigger emphasis on content while Oblivion has a much better presentation and not as much content as Morrowind. Working on the same gen systems they have more time to work on quests, characters, gameplay, and non-graphic/physics stuff. This adds up to a more enjoyable experience in my opinion.

TrailerParkSupervisr2743d ago

I would love to have a new ES this, tomorrow.

probablefailure2743d ago

The withdrawals are setting in D;

dinkeldinkse2743d ago

Make each ES feel like a big leap instead of being a FO3 to a Fallout:Vegas improvement.

Lazyeye792743d ago

When Todd Howard said “when you first hear about it to when it’s out will be the shortest it’s been for us” that doesnt mean the game will be released before February of 2012 it just means that it will be less than 18 months. Its 18 months from when they announce the game, which could be in a year for all we know making the actual date way past February 2012.

I'm still hoping for a early released date but I wont get my hopes up until they actually announce whatever game it is.

Also I agree with probablefailure.

probablefailure2743d ago

A bit of optimistic thinking on my part :). It's explained a bit why assuming the Feb release or before is somewhat valid.

yamzilla2743d ago

next gen is not even far away....fall 2011 BABY!!

someone is gonna come out the gate first...we may even see a september 2011 launch of xbox720 or ps4!!

Damn I hope so!!

ES5...cannot wait!!

Spydr072743d ago

Not likely. You would have heard something, by now. Hardware in development, patents, something. I think Ninty would sneak it in the easiest, but it's not likely given their current dominance and how much $$$ they're making right now.

Zinc2742d ago

I have been a long time fan of the Elder Scrolls series, since their release of Arena and Daggerfall. I remember spending night after night staying up way past my bedtime playing Daggerfall. It was truly ahead of its time.

I look forward to many more years.