DmC: Devil May Cry: Why We’re Torn

Is there some kind of behind-the-scenes mandate within the game industry to make over gruff supermen as waifish teenagers? First, InFamous’ Cole MacGrath was transformed from a scowling tough guy to a smirking punk (which was later reversed). And then this morning came the announcement of DmC: Devil May Cry.

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jc485732623d ago

How old is this Dante supposed to be anyways? He looks kinda puny if you compare him with Dante from DMC3.

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Imperator2623d ago

Maybe it's both a reboot and a prequel?

WildArmed2623d ago

After I read up on the background on DMC. I guess it's ok..
Apparently this is a 'much younger' version of the 100 year old Dante (note: Dante doesn't age like a human).

It's still hard to sallow his new look..
but hopefully they can give him a touch up so he looks abit more like the original.

But, since it's a DMC, the gameplay is going to be top notch.
I just hope we dont end up w/ another Nero in this game too.
Just lemme play dante D:

rdgneoz32623d ago

Since its a "much younger version" of the 100 year old Dante, they might want to stick with the white hair. It was mentioned in another post that a previous DMC game had shown a "younger" picture of Dante and it was with the white hair, not black.

WildArmed2623d ago

Right, which is why I want them to do a touch up on his looks to make them look somewhat similar atleast.
Right now I can't even recognize the old Dante in him
(when he brought out his Sword n Ebony&Ivory(pistols) in the trailer was the only time I was like.. yup that's Dante.)

George Sears2623d ago

If this truly is Dante then he looks 15-16. Dante in DMC3 was 19 or so.

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CobraKai2623d ago

I like the idea and the gameplay. I wish he didn't look so gay.

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CobraKai2623d ago

well they showed this thing that looked like Scorpion's spear throwing a car at some baddies. While not actual gameplay, I thought that idea was cool.

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NabikiTendo2623d ago

why did it suck - xbox 360.

RedPawn2623d ago

I'd say because Mikami is no longer involved.

Immortal3212623d ago

maybe I can blame the developers?

peowpeow2623d ago

Still waiting on the facts nabiki :p

alphakennybody2623d ago (Edited 2623d ago )

If this guys is truly dante, he would have a at least smirked in that mugshot. Seriously though,With his arrogant and cocky attitude a smirk is the least he can do in that mugshot.

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The story is too old to be commented.