G4TV: Know Your Roots: The Sly Collection

In honor of the upcoming release, The Sly Collection, a hi-def remastering of all 3 Sly Cooper games that will feature 3-D and motion control support, Adam Sessler and Brian Fleming revisit the first 3 games in the series.

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stonecold33010d ago

sly day 1 missed out on it last gen so it might be the right time to get this time

WildArmed3010d ago

It's a great game.
My cousin FORCED me to play Sly 2 and 3 (when I was over at his place).

Hated it for abit.. bcoz it wasn't like SOCOM.. but then i started to appreciate the stealth aspect of the game (this was actually before I played my 1st MGS game (MGS3), so I never had experienced stealth gameplay before.

But I fell in love with it shortly after, pick pocketing and doing 1-hit ko stealth attacks make me smile every time :)

Finally I will get my chance to play through the series ^^ I regretted not borrowing it from my cousin when I was in Cali.. but not anymore!