The Psychology of Samus and the Roles of Adam and Ridley

Koku writes: "Metroid: Other M has received a lot of flak and a lot of praise for it’s re-envisioning of iconic bounty hunter Samus Aran. On one side, fans believe that the game undermines Samus’s image as a courageous hero. Her admiration of Adam (a man of all things, amirite?) and obeying his orders is seen as reinforcing an old stereotype that a woman needs a man, and that her infamous freeze-up against monster space pirate leader Ridley is a massive character derailment for the once fearless mercenary. On the other side though, are those who can now relate to Samus, and like the fact that she no longer is just an emotionless killing machine. She has problems like everyone else, and so, to many, she has become less of a mary-sue type character, and more like someone you could actually care for."

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RobertWright3012d ago

The game lacked to produce a good story. It's quite pathetic how Team Ninja doesn't even try.

zatrox3012d ago

It's not Team Ninja, it's Sakamoto the one that wanted to have Samus as his waifu.

In fact, or so I heard, Team Ninja was in charge only of the gameplay.

Invader_Quirk3012d ago

You may not like the story, but to say Team Ninja didn't try shows your ignorance.

Firstly, no, Team Ninja wasn't really the ones in charge of the story. That was Sakamoto, who really really tried. This was a very important story to him that he's wanted to tell for a long time. The other person involved (I forget his name), who was in charge of the cinematics, is a professional cinematographer who put so much into his storyboards and believed in them so much that when he first met with Sakamoto to show them off, he was prepared to leave the project if they didn't share the same vision.

You just didn't like it, which is fine, but to say they didn't try is false.

JoeyC3012d ago

I hate how Team Ninja doesn't even try with the story line, sure we know a little bit about Samus, but it feels like Halo and how they did with Master Chief.

Ziriux3012d ago

Well at least Halo has a great multiplayer right?

Xander-RKoS3012d ago

The game did a lot to add to Samus as a character. Most of which was to add character development to connect the rest of the series to Fusion.

I think it's kind rare to even see a game that give the main character of the game character development, seeing how stagnant Master chief, Nathan Drake, Link, etc are in their games.

Also, that picture is a disservice to the article.

Invader_Quirk3012d ago

Bubbles for your maturity, sir. I totally agree with you. The game provided many many clues to Samus' psyche that make her a much more interesting person than Master Chief.

AWBrawler3011d ago

The game really help me understand samus, and even pitty her and shed a tear on a certain part which I won't spoil.

Ziriux3012d ago

Wow did they really need to include that as the main pic.

Cinotix3012d ago

You did that dumbass lol.

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-Judge_Fudge3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

i know what this game needed....more of samus ass and body in the zero suit and less of her talking her ass off every cutsecne

redDevil873012d ago

I clicked because of the pic

Dsnyder3012d ago

Then you're a terrible person ;).

sashimi3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

He's only human cut him some slack :P

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