How to Play Halo Reach Co-Op On An Arcade Slim "So you've gone and purchased one of those new Kinect-ready slim consoles, thinking you'll be able to take advantage of a fancier system for all those fun holiday season games. Halo Reach has just come out, you pop it in, ready and waiting for that online co-op action that everyone has been foaming at the mouth over for months. Unfortunately, it doesn't work."

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ShawnCollier2833d ago

Nice to see there is a solution.

Sanrin2833d ago Show
iamnsuperman2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

Not really the solution I was hoping forward to seeing but at leasts its some sort of solution

UNCyrus2833d ago

If step 1 is "Buy a HDD" Imma be pissed!

number472833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

no, step 1 is

void your warranty.

This does prove that it can be fixed though, firmware to read the drives normally... right?

Misterhbk2833d ago

How would this void the warranty? He didn't open the 360s at all. All he did was put in a different HDD which does NOT void warranty =/ i may try it out. Not to play Reach but to have internal memory and not use my flash drives anymore. Its worth a shot.

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Raikiri2833d ago

No self-respecting gamer should buy a console with only 4gb anyway's

deadreckoning6662833d ago (Edited 2833d ago ) who is only interested in playing Reach and already owns a PS3 would, A.K.A me. Why the hell would I spend 300 bux for 250gb I don't need when I'm only planning on using the console for ONE game???

LMAO. Everyone check it out. Raikiri here is the ultimate determiner of what a self-respecting gamer should and shouldn't buy hahaha

tinybigman2833d ago

Could only afford the 4gig as I'm trying to get my bills righted. So M$ better hop on the good foot and get this settled.

Misterhbk2833d ago

I already own a PS3 and didnt wanna cough up 300 bucks to MS so yes I bought the 4GB SKU. I already own 3 8GB Flash Drives giving me more than enough memory so I didn't need the harddrive. Why wouldn't i buy the one with 4GB built in and save 100 bucks?

gamingisnotacrime2833d ago

4Gb in the digital era we are in and $130 for 250 GB, that is just immature

solidjun52833d ago

You...have a 360 dead. Stop fooling everyone.

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MGRogue20172833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

... There ya go 4GB Slim owners! :P

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kaveti66162832d ago

4 gigs is an insult. It's a fucking insult and Microsoft knows that they could have just as easily included a 20 gig or even a 60 gig hard drive without any trouble and with little cost. This is bullshit. My friend is getting a 4 gig model from Amazon. He cannot cancel it. I will try and get him to return in for a full refund as soon as it gets to his doorstep.

There are some things that MS does that I'm willing to let go, but if a video Ipod from 5 years ago can hold 60 gigs of space, then Microsoft can have a 60 gig drive in the arcade model without much cost to them.

They are only looking at the bottom line here, and that is unacceptable for a company to do in this day and age.

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