PlayStation Move - Everything you need to Know

Now that PlayStation Move is upon us, let us fill you in on everything you need to know in preparation. What do the colours mean? How many controllers do I need? What games does it work with? Head on inside for everything you need to know about Move.

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ICC_062686d ago

Looks cool, can't wait to compare to the Wii.

Jeannius2686d ago

Wonder how it also compares to the Kinect and if it actually takes off.

Akagi2686d ago

Reviewers have said it's much more accurate than the Wii.

CatGlue2686d ago

Not a duplicate story - this is an independent story with a different geo location?

Move is releasing in Aust today, it will be fully sick!

ArchangelMike2686d ago

but I've already got a SDTV...

but I've already got a black and white TV...

but I've already got moving pictures...

but I've already got books...

but I've already got sticks and stones...

so fkin stay in the stone age then!!!

jneul2685d ago

and i already have a gamecube, what's the point of a wii again?? see how silly you look now

Blackcanary2685d ago

gonna have a update if u already own it to be able to play PS Move with it cause i don't wanna have to re buy it.

Pillville2685d ago

You don't have to buy it again. There will be a patch.

But there will also be a special Move edition.

Dnied2685d ago


does MAG beta already have move support? or wait, does the full game already have it? lol

if not, anyone know when?

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