360 hits all new low in Japan - £86 for Core plus game

Things are going from bad to worse for the 360 in Japan, with one retailer now attempting to offload the console with a game for 19,800 Yen – that's a smidgen over £86.

It's clear that this isn't a happy state of affairs for the 360 in Japan. Although no recommended retail price was ever given for the bundle, the pack ordinarily retails for 30,000 yen – around £130. Quite a price drop.

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Shadow Flare4014d ago

and i bet it still doesn't sell

hey look it doesn't matter what the price is, if japan don't want, japan don't get

ALI-G4014d ago

the japaniess market is less than 15% from the world wide market yet microsoft invest their(in games specific for that region) as much as they invest in us market if not more.
just LEAVE them
insted of the money going to exculsivety of trusty ball or beatful KAT6336h make more deals like gears of war or secure exculsive from ID / UBISOFT / EA...

TheMART4014d ago (Edited 4013d ago )

The same way they also don't want the PS3 indeed!

Japanese are only into the Wii. Too bad dude, remains the same situation for the Bottleneck 3 there. Japanese are just a bit strange

@ beavis4play (below)

wrong dude. They lost about 4 billion at the end of the life cycle of the XBOX 1/at the start of the 360. Don't know the exact number now spend, but they didn't spend another 14 Billion for sure.

This year they'll be making profit especially now that Halo 3 kicks in with at least 155 mln. in sales

felidae4014d ago


It´s called "Playstation 3" not "Bottleneck 3" ...idiot!

beavis4play4013d ago

since entering the game industry they have lost(up to this point) 18 billion dollars. this is an industry record! no company has ever lost as much and the number continues to grow every day. and still they continue on with an unreliable system with a last gen dvd9 drive. now THATS A LITTLE STRANGE!

BIadestarX4013d ago

@beavis4play - Yes, Microsoft like to make records... like the 18 billion dollars you you mind giving us some link for that... I would like to know if you should have any credibility or you are just another Sony fanboys... Example of other industry made by microsoft are... Halo the faster selling game ever made.
Microsoft also is the most profitable company in the industries they touch. Here is another record... After almost 1 year the 800 Pound Gorrilla (Playstation) is having a hard time catching up to the piece of $h!t of console(XBox 360 as Sony fanboys such as yourself say).
The PS3 was suppost to catch up on within 6 months if one considered all the hype.

beast4013d ago

xbox360 0.43 million IN 2 years
PS3 1.14 Million in 10 Months


Spin it as much as u want. Japan hates xbox RRD

gta_cb4013d ago

i agree with what bladestar has said.

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rev204014d ago

Expected though the 360 was never gonna hit it off big in japan.

miked8084014d ago

With the Anniversary of us dropping the Bomb on them just passing no wonder they don't want anything American.

P4KY B4014d ago (Edited 4014d ago )

Yeah they don't like seeing other countries having technological superiority.

EDIT:- to Rowland below.
Thanks. Not enough people understand humour on this site.

Rowland4014d ago

that was quite funny ! - bubble 4 U

not enough humour on this site !

rareairtone4014d ago

but P4KY B while i love my 360 i wont be in denial and say that the ps3 isnt stronger-it is. developers haven't unleashed it yet but the 360 is like 2 GeForce 6800s and the ps3, of course according to sony and nvidia, is a little stronger than that. I guess you can call the 360 superior though in its ability to be easy to develop for and producing graphics just as good as the ps3 for the time being.

seriously i feel bad for microsoft i would love the 360 to have an average market at least out there but they are downright rejectin it. i guess they are too high for the 360, they should only play their games and europe and we should add their games to our market only. haughty @ss japanese

SuperSaiyan44014d ago

On Xbox Live yesterday and also have a Japanese couple on my friends list and they dont have a PS3.

Anyway basically yes so the 360 isnt doing that well in Japan but guess what...They are still buying them.

mighty_douche4014d ago

still buying them huh? why exactly do you think they have dropped the price then??

oh i guess microsoft has lost their interest in making money.... lol must be...

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