The Onion A.V. Club: Halo Reach Review

That high-fiving, frat-house, epithet-spewing, tea-bagging culture has had the unfortunate side-effect of making the Halo universe increasingly less soulful, rendering the subtitle of the original game-"Combat evolved"-something of an oxymoron.

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callahan093010d ago

I just saw this on Metacritic. They've got it at 67%. In what world can you get 67% and get a B-? That's so weird to me.

Christopher3010d ago

A+ = 100%
A = 93.33%
A- = 86.66%
B+ = 80%
B = 73.33%
B- = 66.66%
C+ = 60%
C = 53.33%
C- = 46.66%
D+ = 40%
D = 33.33%
D- = 26.66%
E+ = 20%
E = 13.33%
E- = 6.66%

callahan093010d ago

But, where did they come up with that? When I was in school, a C- was like a 70, not like a 46 (for example). Obviously it's not at all related to school grades... Which I suppose now that I think of it makes sense, because something like a D- would be about a 60 and then what's an F? Either a something in the 50's, which means you can't have a score below 50, or something like a 0, which then means you're either above 60, or 0? Wouldn't make sense. So I guess I get it! Thanks for the info, by the way.

Christopher3010d ago

You take the grade system and make each level count for the same percentage of 100.

They don't translate this to grade school numbers because then nothing would score below a 50 since technically there are no grades for E, or E-.

And, while I provide the information above as the answer to the question, it doesn't mean I agree with it. This is one of the primary issues with metacritic, and that is their way of assigning arbitrary values to scores that aren't intended to have specific values.

Dance3010d ago

another site desperately looking for hits

callahan093010d ago

The Onion is always very hard on games. Go look at a lot of popular and high-rated games on MetaCritic. The Onion is very often at or very near the bottom of the list.

oldjadedgamer3010d ago

I looked it up, they gave Halo 3 a 100%.

It's not just a videogame review site. It's also not a Halo hating site.

Maybe the review was a little low for the reasons - a lack of emotion involved in the game and such - but the review wasn't like "OMFG THIS GAME IS THE WORST HALOS EVA"