Sony TGS 2010 Press Conference Live Blog

The last big industry event before Gran Turismo 5’s November release – is almost here! Just a short drive from Polyphony Digital’s headquarters, TGS is nearly always eventful for GT fans, and this year Sony is expected to begin aggressively pushing GT5 as their flagship 3D title.

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pedrami913013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

Really ? according to gtplanet, it's should be in 48 min now.

Nitrowolf23013d ago

The doors open at that time, according to this post and Sony conference starts in - 4 hours

pedrami913013d ago

Must've been reading it wrong then, thanks for the heads up.

GamerSciz3013d ago

It starts at 1pm Thursday Sept 16th, Tokyo Time (whatever that is) which is 9pm Wed Sept 15th, Pacific time.

karl3013d ago

damn i really want to see this but its getting late in my country...

ah fuck work.. sleeping is overrated anyway

Etseix3013d ago

the show will be streamed instead of the peeping life mini cartoon show? dont u guys know it?

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TheLastGuardian3013d ago

Aren't they streaming it? Why would we want to read about what's happening when we can see it as it's happening?

TheLastGuardian3013d ago

It's in about 3 hours for me. I guess I'll watch Scarface to pass the time.

Motorola3013d ago

Scarface: Good movie. And if they are STREAMING it, it must be good. Remember gamescom? No official stream and it was cool

karl3013d ago

stupid question but... this is probably going to be in japanese right?
they wont be speak english i guess xD

thedisagreefairy3013d ago

are their gonna be subtitles?

Ult iMate3013d ago

Watch more anime and eventually, you'll need no subtitles. ))) .

MGRogue20173013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

... I wait for it to start. *waiting* =l

NabikiTendo3013d ago

tgs2010 officially owned by sony point blank period.

redDevil873013d ago

4 hours ... dammit it's going to be 5am here. Guess i'll have to check n4g tomorrow

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The story is too old to be commented.