Real life Ryu teaching gamers Shotokan Karate: Heian Shodan

"Paul Gale from is known for being a character in Street Fighter IV but is also a real martial artist. Now he is teaching Ryu and Ken's art style to the videogamers of the world."

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JIronMan2895d ago

I never learned a martial art when I was young but wouldn't mind learning now, that's what you get for being a gamer but this is cool.

dark-hollow2895d ago

Pfft can he shoot hadouken???

JIronMan2895d ago

LOL as a matter of fact....

RobinGB2895d ago

Good job Ryu (I mean Paul)!

BarbWire2895d ago

ok i don't take any karate lessons but i've taken self defense and if paul gale network can teach that it would be great.

MidnightGamer92895d ago


Fast moves and nice feature to offer teaching people.

John007guy2895d ago

Traditional karateka. I like it and it's impressive to see a site's author be able to both kcik some literal A and also write such an epic piece like this:

I saw that 121st Nintendo Anniversary article last night and was pretty much blown away.

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The story is too old to be commented.