NBA 2K11 - MJ's Greatest Moments (Trailer)

A new trailer has been released from 2K Sports with Rajon Rondo, Derrick Rose, Josh Smith, Andre Iguodala, and Russell Westbrook. The trailer has basketball superstars debating the best Michael Jordan moment, while gameplay of each moment is shown. From the Father's Day Championship, to the Utah flu game, just about every big Michael Jordan moment is in NBA 2K11.

NBA 2K11 releases on October 5th. You can check out the MJ's Greatest Moments trailer by clicking "Watch Trailer" below.

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crxss2774d ago

hilarious. man october is gonna make me bankrupt. the demo was pathetic though, not surprising seeing how nba2k's demos always suck. not even a full 1 quarter game and it's not even multiplayer. what a joke.

Derekvinyard132774d ago

is this true? i played the 2K9 demo but never played the game itslef, and i dont think there is a 2K10 Demo but i have that game and its great. i mean i know it was lacking on content but in terms of gameplay, look and feel is it diffrent?

atticus142774d ago

yeah the demo is severely depressing because its so limited...but after playing it over and over again to try to get some kind of feeling for the gameplay, i can safely say its a nice step up from the old game. But the demo is missing commentary, the crowd is lifeless, and the complaints go on and on...but thankfully (?) all nba 2k demos have been like this, and the full games are so much better and filled with atmosphere of an nba game...

The full game will be so loaded with features even a half-assed basketball fan would be crazy to pass this one up. An improved my player mode would almost be reason enough...but they have a boat load of other full blown features that aren't just typical 5 minute time wasters.

disparage2774d ago

Can't wait to get this.

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