Ubisoft reveales lineup for Tokyo Game Show

Ubisoft has announced the slate of games that consumers will be able to experience at Tokyo Game Show 2010 from September 18-19.

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movements3010d ago

What could ubisoft possibly bring to TGS?

jay23010d ago

I am alive would have been awesome, I hope that shows up see, I'm doudting a Sprin 11 release now.

peowpeow3010d ago

Why did I read that as aspirin

lelo2play3010d ago

Beyond Good and Evil 2 would be great.

frankymv3010d ago

pretty abysmal lineup ubisoft.

BattleAxe3010d ago

I'll say...... They're milking the crap out of Assassins Creed and they're focusing on their junk IPs. Ghost Recon might turn out to be good, but the quality of that series has gone downhill. Lets see if they manage more than a 5 hour campaign like Splinter Cell: Conviction had.

As soon as they announce a new Rainbow Six, then I'll start listening.

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The story is too old to be commented.