Battlefield Bad Company 2′s Sold Over 5 Million Copies Worldwide

We know Modern Warfare 2′s the most popular shooter in town, but that doesn’t mean the others haven’t been successful. Particular DICE’s Battlefield Bad Company 2, which, according the developer’s product manager Kevin O’Leary, has sold a satisfying 5 million copies and counting.

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Capdastaro2983d ago


I've had so much fun online with this game... Just a shame they screwed us over with the so called map packs.

movements2983d ago

It's a good game indeed. Still can't touch Modern Warfare's numbers

N4GAddict2983d ago

No other FPS franchise will I think

movements2983d ago

Well, you have a point, but never say never..... The future's unpredictable, and with the way our industry's moving, you just never know.