NBA 2K11′ Demo Impressions [Game Rant]

Zak Grim of Game Rant writes: "While most sports fans (and in turn sports gamers) are probably working through year 14 of their Madden ’11 franchise, the NBA season is fast approaching and with it a batch of new NBA games. 2K Sports just released their NBA 2K11 demo on both Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network, a full 3 weeks before the full release of the game. And while the intention of an early demo release is usually to stir up interest, this one may have the opposite effect."

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Dellis2773d ago

Demo build is from June

nevin12773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

Then it really showed.

I also thought the demo was online multiplayer(which made no sense btw) only but u just play with the Lakers. What an overall dumbass demo.

Im sorry sports games this gen sucks compared to the NES/SNES/PS1/PS2 days.

No offense to hockey/soccer, but You know somthing wrong when NHL and Soccer games win sports games of the year.

hell NHL 2000-2002 is better than NHL 2008- present.

disparage2773d ago

As much as I like NBA2K games, the demos are horrible.

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The story is too old to be commented.