Goodbye Xbox 360 Core, Hello Xbox Arcade

One of's Microsoft Europe sources has just sent them an email with some news about a future Xbox 360 rebranding revealed at a press event in Frankenchomps, Belgium hours ago. According to him:

"The embargo just lifted on some news I got earlier. At an as of yet unknown date, the Core will be completely phased out and repackaged as the 'Xbox Arcade: Just Play' pack. It will come with 5 games (I assume Uno and Pac-Man are two since I believe I saw them on the box art shown), a 256 mb memory card, and will be priced at 279. I'm not 100% sure about this part, but my notes say it will have an HDMI exit, but no cable in the box."

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SuperSaiyan43984d ago

Just kill off the CORE will ya Microsoft?!

My local GAME hasn't recieved any Core's in ages let the Premium and Elite just exist that way we can get all games to use the Hard Drive to cache the games.


basically everyone with a core has been conned.

Sovannah Phum3984d ago

"my notes say it will have an HDMI exit"

let's get this straight. HDMI is not needed for this generation!!!!!

sfinXters3984d ago

Why? Because nobody should play games on large TVs with higher detail?

Sovannah Phum3984d ago

come on guys I was being sarcastic! but not during this post. :)

BIadestarX3984d ago

You only need HDMI for games running at 120FPS at 1080P basically 4D as sony promised. Which is why the PS3 comes with 2 HDMI also as Sony promised... and all the games on the PS3 look better than anything that can possibly be made on the xbox 360... one last time... also as Sony promised.

Let's not play the "Microsoft said...." game... becase that a game that we know you Sony fanboys would lose.

beavis4play3984d ago

sony never said any of that you boob. everything on the ps3 is what was supposed to be there. that other crap you wrote i don't know where you got it but it sounds made up. right before E3 2005, peter moore said in an interview with geoff keighlly on, that "360 games will appear like a lucid dream. the games never have looked so real but i guess you just ignore this.but it does seem curious, after ms got 10 million people to buy into their initial claim that hdmi wasn't necessary, they are now screwing them over by putting hdmi on mutiple skus of the system. and even more curious is their releasing a system with no hard drive and saying it wasn't necessarey either, and now are making hard drives part of every console they make! also, part of the problem bladeboob is that ms HAS NOT SAID ANYTHING. for example, ms still hasn't admitted they have been selling faulty hardware that tends to scratch discs or over-heat and die completely. and this isn't rhetoric i'm shouting. there are currently class action lawsuits being drawn up against ms for these very reasons. so, bladeboob, i'm afraid you would lose the "microsoft said".... arguement. there is just so much factual material i can use against your arguement.

P1MPDADDY3984d ago

For all the Sony fanboys. Seriously. Dont start with Microsoft's PR. Because Sony's is way worse. Arent you guys still waiting for those 4D 1080P 120fps on dual-HDMI 2 HDTV games????? Arent you guys waiting for the PS3 to instill discipline in you. Arent you waiting for those games to elicit emotion in you??? Crying becuase your games only run in 30fps, or have worse graphics and slower framerates is the only emotion the PS3 seems to create right now. Shouldn't you guys be working extra hours so you can afford to buy a PS3????? Last time I checked PS2 owners were still waiting for those CGI-Quality Toy Story Supercomputer graphics!!!!!

beavis4play3984d ago

that stuff about sony- i'm not waiting for it nor do i want it. i'm not sure you know what you're even saying. as i said above, nobody needs to be critical of ms PR. they are hurting their own image on their own. i believe you should be more concerned with: 1. ms putting out faulty hardware and 2. will your 360 continue to run the next time you turn it on. i think all you anal retentive xboobs are far more concerned with sony than you need be.

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sfinXters3984d ago

An absolutely unsurprising move from MS to screw Core users. It's cash that matters, not the users.

Looks like Vole is regrouping, I wonder why.

Silver3603984d ago

They are using these to go after casual gamers. Nobody that plays games regularly will buy this sku.

beavis4play3984d ago

this goes to bloodmask as well-why would people who don't play games very often shell out 280 dollars to play arcade games like pac man or uno?

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