Rumour: 360 price-cut to include Blue Dragon

According to Disposable Media, Microsoft is likely to bundle a first-party title with the Elite - rumoured to be priced at £299.99 - for no extra cost. Disposable Media believes said title could well be Blue Dragon, given that it is due out in Europe on the same day. Other speculation also suggests a selection of Microsoft titles may be offered...

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SuperSaiyan43984d ago

If Microsoft include Blue Dragon with the Elite I will wet myself!

ALI-G3984d ago

you pick what you want from, it will interest more people and will be accessible by larger base

predator3984d ago

i heard that its blue dragon AND bioshock.

What a package if true

Bloodmask3984d ago

would be a great bundle title. Halo 3 would be even better though.

SuperSaiyan43984d ago

Bioshock and Blue Dragon? I doubt it Microsoft bundles can only contain 1st party titles not 3rd party.

Blue Dragon is enough as I have my COLLECTORS EDITION pre-ordered at GAME for which I will be at the door as it opens on Friday lol.

predator3984d ago

only sayin what i read somewhere bro

Sayai jin3984d ago

Sounds great. I am pretty sure it may be only one game. Hell I will take Blue Dragon for free If they pacakge Bioshock or Halo 3 in conjuction with a price drop, they will selll like hotcakes.

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The story is too old to be commented.