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IGN AU: So much has been written about BioShock that a review is almost a moot point. If you're the kind of gamer that has picked up on every scrap of information, read each preview and sourced facts from countless interviews and hands-on impressions, then you're going to buy the game out of sheer curiosity anyhow - the score is just a justification of your purchase. Those looking for a by-the-book, facts-only review of the hows and whos and whats should look elsewhere. Why spoil what makes the game fun? The game is about discovery. This review is all about the experience.

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xhi43983d ago

get this on my PS3!

Haha just kiddin, i got both consoles so ill get 360 version, just incase haha

cheers all!

Bloodmask3983d ago

The worst part of Bioshock? It ends. You'll want more to see and do. Irrational put art and intellect above and beyond schlock of the common game. They accomplished something wonderful.

Eclipticus3983d ago

i want to see a terrible review, like 2 or something. just to add amusement to my day. and see the backlash.
NOt that i dont like the game, i love the demo. but Everysite is giving it like almost perfect.
So i wanna see some stupid site give it a 2 or 3. so i can read the backlash and laugh about it.

But you will all know where i will be on Tuesday, esp. since i have that day off form work. so FTW

InMyOpinion3983d ago

LOL! That review showed a lot of envy =)

jay33983d ago

Only like, one more review of 9.7 and Bioshock is officialy the highest rated game ever.

MK_Red3983d ago

IGN themselves did a poor review of BioShock giving it 9.7/10 (These are the people who gave Jade Empire 9.9!) and now IGN AU is doing even worse and giving it 9.5!? They are out of their minds. BioShock is a perfect 10/10 game. If they are not giving it what it deserves, then they must be reserving their scores for other 2007 games and reserving scores is always wrong. If a

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