Halo 3's Five Best Single-Player Improvements

With the upcoming release of Bungie's next major installment of the Halo series more and more information is being released and there are some features coming up in Halo 3 that should make it really stand out against the previous two games. These features should help Halo 3's single player live up to the reputation of the first, something many people thought Halo 2 didn't do. There are five that really stand out and this list gives a good summary of them all.

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Bloodmask3927d ago

haters out there who classify it as Halo 2.5 need to have their eyes checked. All the shots in this article look fantastic.

All the vibrant colors in all the vegetation. The smoke tracers from the rocket shots. It is definately a big step up from Halo 2.

I am also glad to read that the AI is even smarter in this one. I already thought that Halo 2 had great AI so this should be even more interesting.

djt233926d ago

yep they are ture haters out there

dinkeldinkse3926d ago

Oh,you mean halo 2.1. yeah, i called 2.1 because its same exact game except on a next gen console.Its going to be the biggest bust ever.
I know halo fanboys that hate all of the changes they have made from halo2 to this game . The only reason they have preordered the game is because its halo. Which has been an average game franchise to start with any way. I am so glad the franchise will be finished before the end of the year.
Halo sucks
Killzone rules


Long live Bungie !

Can't wait for it ! booked 2 weeks off to play Halo 3. don't need nothing else this year ....ok..well bioshock and Masseffect are musts as well....but as far as shooters go halo 3 all the way.

The end is near !

ALI-G3926d ago

go play the same DVD all over again in your PS3


We understand. The limitations of your thought and ability to communicate.

This game is not for everyone, we understand if the story is too much for your little mind to take in...

PumPum3926d ago

But alfred chicken on snes has a deeper story than halo. Good thing that the 360 has other fps.
Im sry that you and your little mind got brainwashed by hype. The game sucks in every aspect.

The Chief of Mjolnir3926d ago

Wow, that´s good for coming from a Sony fanboy. As counter attack: Halo is at least better than Killzone.

dinkeldinkse3926d ago

don't ever say that pile of crap on a cd is better than killzone.At least killzone actually has a storyline.Besides, killzone is actually a tough game to beat.It takes like 2 hours to beat halo the first time you every play it.But,I am forgetting something halo is really just mmo without officially being one because the rest the game is crap.
Halo sucks
Killzone rules

The Chief of Mjolnir3926d ago (Edited 3926d ago )

That was the stupiest fanboy post I´ve ever read. I got Killzone, and it´s so...I don´t know. Not good. I mean, the first time I saw the Helghast leader, he did a thing that made me laugh. A Nazi thing if you know what I mean.

And answer this one: What is a Forerunner? What is the Flood? The Prophets? The Ark? What place is Reach? How many Halo rings are there? What is The Pillar of Autumn?

You can´t tell me there is no story in all that, because if you do, you´re the dumbest thing in existence.

dinkeldinkse3926d ago

Your name starts out with Spartan and i am the fanboy.If halo2 was a comic book it would only take up a page.
Halo sucks
Killzone rules

The Chief of Mjolnir3926d ago (Edited 3926d ago )

Oh, so my name tells it all, huh?

Well, I don´t end my posts with: "Halo sucks Killzone rules"

Like someone elese here.

And you are the fanboy, because you hate Halo, but you come here, in a Halo page, and write posts like that. That is a thing only a true fanboy can pull off. So the fanboy stamp is on YOUR forehead now. If you hate Halo so bad, why even click on the link to this page?

Nightrider1283924d ago

Just because he hates halo doesn't mean hes a fan boy... numnutts.
I hate Halo but i love the 360 for the most part.

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daftshadow3926d ago

Very nice summary. Halo 3 seems like it's worth the hype.

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