Xbox 360 Euro Price Drop

Microsoft today announced an estimated retail price drop for its Xbox 360 family of consoles in Europe, and welcomed a new member of the family – Xbox 360 Elite.

With a product to suit every interest and budget plus the best line up of games of any console, the Xbox 360 range is poised to bring amazing gaming and entertainment experiences to even more consumers this Christmas. The lower cost opens the door to Xbox 360 for more people, helping to broaden the market for gaming and enabling more people to enjoy titles like Halo 3 (Bungie), Scene It? (Microsoft Game Studios), Bioshock (2k Games), Project Gotham Racing 4 (Bizarre Creations), Mass Effect (BioWare), Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation (Bandai/Namco), Naruto (Ubisoft), Blue Dragon (Mistwalker/Artoon Co. Ltd) and more – all only on Xbox 360.

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PS360PCROCKS3928d ago

Holy so WITH a price drop it's $356, 494, and 593? Dang that's alot. Well you make more and your money is worth more but still, wow.

Daewoodrow3928d ago

yes, that's always been a complaint, we are grossly overcharged in the UK and Europe. To be fair, it's not a simple as comparing exchange rates, you have to factor in things like minimum wages and average income, but from my own perspective games consoles are big purchases in England.
For example, I can buy a 26" HDTV for £425, exactly the same price as a PS3, because HDTVs can be imported from the european union.

SuperSaiyan43928d ago

Nice read on the forum but any link to the actual source on say an official gaming site or something?

Funny how the rumoured price was indeed true lol.

So now its Core vs Wii this should be interesting.

I plan on getting an Elite on Friday and this is great that its under £300! Thats extra money towards a game me reckons :-D

wotta3928d ago (Edited 3928d ago )

This is the official source sian, we seem to be first to break this news (sorry if im wrong)also this news is on our website not the forum, as we are a member of XCN this news was sent to us this morning straight from Microsoft.

So this news is confirmed and is official.

Agriel3928d ago

isn't this just for the UK not all of Europe here is the press release,

says nothing about the rest of Europe only the UK

wotta3928d ago (Edited 3928d ago )

No I can confirm that this price cut is for the whole of Europe our site is carrying the official press release, we have just edited it to make it more use friendly but all elements including price and the areas affected remain.

Agriel3928d ago

ok, just was a little confused

wicked3928d ago (Edited 3928d ago ) are selling the 20GB model for £229

Daewoodrow3928d ago

well this is certainly good news, for 360 fans, but also PS3 fans. This might make Sony finally give Europe a REAL price cut instead of the "starter pack", which is frankly an insult to our intelligence. The starter pack might've been enough for some, but it just put me off even more.

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