360 Elite: How to move your data

Alongside Microsoft's black behemoth, a larger 120GB Xbox 360 HDD will arrive in the shops this Friday. Microsoft's touched on it before, but here's CVG's guide to getting all your precious XBLA games and data across to the Elite hard drive with minimum bugger-ups..

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SuperSaiyan44052d ago

I cannot get a transfer cable until the Elite comes out so what about me wanting to trade in my old 360???

My local GAME store dont even know if they will get a cable for me to be able to do it instore!

DrRage774052d ago

just buy a defective 20gb harddrive from ebay and put that in the box when you exchange your 360 for an elite. then when you get home, order the migration cable from microsoft (make sure you have the serial number from your regular 360 written down). you can then transfer all your stuff to the elite, and then sell your working 20gb harddrive on ebay, along with your migration cable....this way, you reduce the cost of the elite for yourself

WafflesID4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

I worked with my local game shop when I traded in my premium for an elite.

**edit** I didn't work FOR the game shop, I just meant that they accomodated my requests.

They let me keep the HDD until I Transfered data over.

I was going to wait for the transfer cable (which I later gave to the shop for future use), but instead I just borrowed one of their used memory cards and transfered saved games over one at a time.

The cons being that you have to redownload everything that is keyed to your sstem. But XBL keeps track of everyhthing you've downloaded, so this was no big deal.

Also any games from RARE wouldn't let you transfer saved games between devices. So I lost all my Viva Pinata gardens and I had to play perfect dark and load the game from the hard drive and then while playing it save it to the memory card, and vice versa on the new drive.

Now this doesn't solve the problem of original xbox game saves. I just used my xsata and a bit of tinkering (because of buggy software) with Xport 360 and Xplorer 360 to transfer the Xbox compatibility folder over to my PC and then back onto the new drive. So that worked, except I think the latest compatability update basically negated my saved games for Fatal Frame II.

What did I gain from this vs the transfer cable? The ability to play my XBLA games offline and anything ele keyed to my old system.

Of course you might be able to use the transfer cable and then just erase and redownload stuff so you don't have to have an internet connection going to play your games.

Salvadore4052d ago

Can you use an external HDD to transfer saved data?

djt234052d ago

nice people much love it

SuperSaiyan44052d ago

They might test it and will give an error surely, anyways i dnt want to do that.

DrRage774052d ago

well, you can always buy a working 20gb drive from ebay for like $50, put that in the box when you exchange, transfer all your stuff to the elite, and then sell your other 20gb harddrive on ebay for the same $50 and be done with it.

RedSoakedSponge4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

I dont understand fully. it doesnt say on the form u send off where u send it off to wen ur from the UK. It only says an address for wen ur from south or north america! so wat do i do? isnt there just an email address i can send it to? that would be easy then.

oh and how long does it take to be delivered? cheers


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