Halo 3 - 0.1% left to go, 3 new shots

The single-player screen is from mission Tsavo Highway - "Beginning in a subterranean labyrinth somewhere in Africa, the Master Chief and a squad of marines need to rendezvous at the semi-nearby city of Voi.

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PS360PCROCKS4016d ago

NICE! Single player looking good! Cannot wait...

ALI-G4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

wait how many enemies in the screen at once ?
3 in the floor 6 standing and the bubble to the right i think it is another chracter

hi people be carfull (NASIM/SpenserTracy) will start sh1ting all over the place soooon , he is here some where around since there is not any game to play in his PS3

Bloodmask4016d ago

don't understand all the bashing of Halo 3's graphics. All the single player shots look great.

A lot of colors and crisp textures.

I realize that the art style isn't ultra-realistic. But it is definately unique and beautiful.

Close_Second4016d ago

...HDMI capable LCD or Plasma display?

Halo 3 with is rich colorful graphics or Killzone 2 with is gritty, darker palette. Next time someone pisses all over Halo 3 because of the way it looks...point them at the Star Wars saga which also features its fare share of rich and colorful imagery.

Daewoodrow4016d ago

personally, I wouldn't reccommend a plasma screen for gaming at all. It's often more trouble than it's worth, with things like burn in to contend with. Although you might get richer colour from a plasma, I prefer a regular LCD, less fuss.

SuperSaiyan44016d ago

Other than that the game looks awesome. But the buildings could have better look to them as they also look a bit plastic but meh thats just my opinion.

ALI-G4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

put it in the legendary mode and i am set to kick some asses ,,,ofcurse with 3 of my buddies co-op over the amazing,relaiable xbox live(viedo chat,textchat,voice chat in the game )

please note:it is FPS so u will not see MC helment in the game.hehehe

Salvadore4016d ago

The graphics are amazing and so rich in colours.

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The story is too old to be commented.