Unreal Engine Delaying PS3 Games

As part of a Gameplayer preview on upcoming Digital Extremes shooter Dark Sector, the game's director, Steve Sinclair, drops an interesting quote about Unreal Engine 3. He claims that they decided against using the engine so they could hit their desired release date.

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power of Green 4054d ago

Seems common with the Unreal Engine Its great but maybe its not designed for all consoles as well as they though although 360 devs have had issues and Epics games always seen to be just fine on both consoles. Is it luck that produces great games on PS3?.

Maybe the Engine was developed too earily before they really understood the hardware for all consoles.

Watkins4054d ago

PoG, that was a NEUTRAL comment.. Did someone hack your account? Else I have to say that I'm proud over you!

As for the UE3, it was designed for Pc-like architecture, it's not all that strange they're having issues porting it to a console that relies a lot less on memory usage and a whole lot more on data crunching.

Gizmo_Logix4053d ago

Epic games will be optimized PERIOD. All other 3rd party devs are shying away from the URE. It's this is not about the PS3, per se. But rather a competition between Epic and other 3rd party developers that they compete with (license the Unreal Engine).

So, isn't not only Silicon Knights. But Digital Extremes that is wary of EPics own monopoly on the game engine industry.

theonlyfro984054d ago

well if what he is saying is true...its not looking good for the ps3....HOWEVER once EPIC optimizes UE3 for the shouldnt be a problem for developers in the future... my 2 cents....

achira4054d ago

its obvious that its the unreal engine who caused the delays and the knowledge of the developers. but in some time everything will be past.

xrobbanx4054d ago

Im impressed how you non gamers just are satisfied with waiting havent you benn waiting for like an extra year or 2 now?

SuperSaiyan44054d ago

There will be other amazing games coming without the need for the Unreal 3 engine.

Too Human doesnt use it and it looks great also The Darkness another amazing game doesnt use the U3 engine.

CNIVEK4054d ago

Um...yes it does. o_0

hella whip4054d ago

@4.1 it was going to then they decided to make there own engine and sue Epic i think.

hikikimori4054d ago

It does seem strange that Epics UT3 is steaming along quite nicely, but some 3rd party's who licensed their
technology are struggling with their PS3 builds. What's up with that?

Bolts4054d ago

Epic sucks at supporting their licensed devs, if you really want engine support buy either the Tech 5 or Doom engine from iD.

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The story is too old to be commented.