10 Things we Learnt from our Halo 3 Hands-On

Bungie just toured the Halo 3 single player and the new multiplayer map Narrows through Australia. Gameplayer has detailed the ten most important things they got out of the experience in this list.

"Halo 3 feels even more responsive now than in the beta and the action just glides along so smoothly you never feel pulled from the experience by lagging controls or an unenergetic hero."

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DruePhoenix4053d ago

I know there are an assload of other games that will be real competition for Halo 3, but hearing stuff like this makes me even more excited about playing Halo 3

dinkeldinkse4051d ago

HALO is going to be the BIGGEST BUST EVER, and i mean Ever just like E.T.


Dude are you nuts?? i mean you must really hate MS.. Halo 1 was unreal when it came out everyone stopped playing ps2 because of it. Halo 2 came 11 million+ people played it and loved it minus the cheating and modding. They came up with best way to play online! Now you think this is going to stop? you think they'll make an inferior game? how and what would make you think this?? did you play the beta? have you seen the screens? maybe you should stop playing gaystation in your crackshack and go out get some fresh air and shake your head.

H3 will crush anything and everything the POS3 has and will have to offer for years to come. what does POS3 have to fight back?? Lair? HA! warhawk or whatever its called? HA! Killzone2? Killzone1 sucked ass! why would they make another? Haze looks like junk..MGS is your only hope..tobad solid snake is gay

i'm sure your reply will be Just wait until this game or wait until that game..or so and so was paid off by MS, thats all i hear from you fanboys. go pawn your POS3 buy a 360 and spend the rest of the money on rehab! CRACKA!


dinkeldinkse4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

Who are you calling a cracker, snitch. Halo may have been allright but halo2 sucked.
Why you ask? I believe a week or so after gears was released it took the number one most played on xbox live spot numbnutts.
And im a fan boy your the one referring to it as the gaystation, only fan boys do that. And i would die one million times before i ever got a 360 because fan boys like you ruin it with halo. Yes i played the beta it sucks, everyone that liked it should be lynched. And i'm not going to say that this game or that game will beat it, i don't have to its already lost. Because its a piece of steaming crap. Some how bungie figured a way to put it in disc form. And don't tell me the graphics were great they all look the same as halo. If i wanted to pay 50 bucks to play something online i would spend it on world of warcraft or starwars galaxy. So take your stupidity and go somewhere else with your gay halo2 and 3. And at least killzone has a story line unlike halo2 Arftard.


Halo2 was awesome! mediocre campaign i'll admit but there is now way you can argue about the online play. you must have tried it and gotten raped so badly it damaged your brain...As for gears i never said anything about the most played xboxlive game (eventhough halo2 had that locked for like 2 years!) so learn how to read. H3 already lost?? lost what?? dude the pre orders alone for this game lay waist to your claims. You also must be a cracker if you cant afford to pay $50 a YEAR to play online..that $4.17/month is pretty steep to play the best games available [email protected] killzone

The thing is when people play a game and aren't any good at it they tend to not like it and say it sucks...this is no different

So have fun sitting at home playing WoW lol while everyone else you know is playing halo3....and i hope your step dad never gives you your Wii back bahahahah

dinkeldinkse4049d ago (Edited 4049d ago )

Dude if i wanted to waste my money on dumb stuff i would rather buy dog turds then own a piece of crap like that. I'd rather have the real stuff then a turd in disc form.

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Nightrider1284051d ago

Why are you calling him a fan boy he hasn't said anything bad about ms.
If you were intelligent enough you could tell he's talking about bungie
not MS.