Video gaming goes professional at 'World Series'

"You can earn money playing video games. And there are Canadians who are doing it, and doing it well.

The largest video game tournament ever staged in Canada, a stop on the World Series of Video Games (WSVG) tour, will hit Toronto from August 24th to 26th.

And it will bring with it more than US$70,000 in prizes and some of the world's top gamers.

Among them will be Team EG (Evil Geniuses), a top professional gaming team with key Canadian players on board.

Held in conjunction with Fan Expo Canada, about 50,000 people will pass through the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Gaming is big, and it's getting bigger. Just ask Team EG captain Robert Tyndale. A full time student, he's been playing since he was a kid. Now 22, he staying in the game.

"In the long run, I really honestly see gaming blowing up, there's constantly more and more televised leagues being broadcast around the world. There's always an increase in revenue ... so I just really see it growing and growing."

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Weed3984d ago

The number one ranked guitar hero player is going to finally compete in a tournament, I wanna see him shred 95%+ on jordan lol.

BigMarcGosu3982d ago (Edited 3982d ago )

Do you think more professional gamers focus on PC games or on console games? My casual gamer friends seem to prefer the consoles (hell even my parents love the Wii), but my more serious FPS gamer friends and RTS gamer friends love their overclocked and modded PCs.

My company is starting an online video game tournament platform [ ] for PC games and we are trying to figure out if it would make sense to expand into the platform side of things.

I'd assume that this would be a much harder nut to crack, especially since they all have their own online communities..

What do you guys think?

Are PC or CONSOLE gamers more likely to want to join cash-based online video game tournaments?

I'm looking for a Canadian opinion here too.. not just a gamer opinion.. but both would be useful.