Rumor- Two Worlds delayed to August 28th

A reader from the Team Xbox forums has picked up on a comment from an IGN employee who announced that the RPG "Two Worlds" has been delayed for one week(till August 28th)

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Killer B4049d ago

They've blown their chances for the 360. Too bad, they had some potential. But now that we have Bioshock, not to mention about a month out for Halo 3; this game doesn't stand much of a chance to compete. I was looking forward to picking this title up, in early/mid August...when it was supposed to fill that summer void. I would be venture to guess I wasn't the only one.
There's a lot of money lost here, by not making their original release dates, and falling into a competition they most likely cannot win. Unless this is one hellava game of course and just blows everyone away... Good luck with that....

TheMART4049d ago

So that's within a week?

Blue Dragon 24 august, so this is coming right after. Don't know for sure, but we'll see what it does.

Does anyone mind? Playing Bioshock soonish :P
And Moto GP 07, then Halo 3 in september, PGR4 in Oktober, Mass Effect in Nov/Dec... jees gaming heaven

Balance4049d ago

there you go again... you forgot ace combat in nov also!!

Ahhhh4049d ago

@TheMART - agreed.. gaming heaven. lol good games coming out this year. I'll still be getting this but not 'till Christmas. I'm buying BioShock tomorrow.. I don't and probably won't need another game 'till Christmas. Since BioShock will hold me for a long while nd' I'm still playin R6V online so its all goooood.

SuperSaiyan44049d ago

For Europe its 31st August I spoke to a friend in the USA and she told me they already have Two Worlds in stock but they have been recalled??? Apparently due to a hot coffee mod err doesnt sound like it since we would have read it somewhere...

Anyways Its coming out 31st in Europe and thats a week after Bioshock and Blue Dragon.

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Look at the Premium bundles at GAME also the Core bundles and now the Elite bundles! Blue Dragon for only £10 when you buy an Elite!

PS3 well for the SAME £425 you get 2 old games and an extra pad oh the joy *rolls eyes*.

BIadestarX4049d ago

This is not a delayed... they are simply organizing their games to give each a better chance of selling. You just can't have game releases over one another.

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The story is too old to be commented.