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Submitted by MK_Red 3094d ago | video

Video Review: Lair (3/5) & Stuntman (3/5) + New footage of Uncharted, Haze & More

Watch for the reason GamerTV gave Lair 3 out of 5 or 6/10. They give Stuntman: Ignition the same score (3/5). Free Radical's Dave Doak talks TimeSplitters 4. New stunning footage of Uncharted, Jericho, Haze, TimeShift and other games is shown and the entire TV episode is availabe for your viewing pleasure. Special thanks to PS3forums member Apollo. (Clive Barker's Jericho, Haze, Lair, PC, PS3, Stuntman: Ignition , TimeShift, Timesplitters 4, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Xbox 360)

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MK_Red  +   3094d ago
They are really stupid to give same score to both Lair and Stuntman IMO. Lair deserves much more. Also, Uncharted looks stunning and Jericho looks sick. Both are day one must have for me.
nasim  +   3094d ago
for sure LAIR deserves atleast 8.5
however who cares about this GAMERTV

PSW gave LAIR a 8/10

PLAY gave LAIR a 9/10
ChekkinChinz  +   3094d ago
Yeah, Lair deserved at least a 7.5/10 man. They say Lair has no innovation, but it does have innovation by effectively using the sixaxis motion sensing controls. I guess the Wii can only be called innovative for motion sensing controls. Stuntman suxxx...Who even buys Stuntman?. The showing of HAZE is way too dark to make out anything.
ALI-G  +   3094d ago
i hve to agree with nasim this time
liar deserve at least 3.5 ot of is the ugliest game of the year
PLAY GIVE IT 9 although it has framerate an bugs issues, based in promises of the developer to resolve this issues.
what next KILLZONE 2 will get 10/10 because the graphic are amazing and the developer promise that it will be good game ???

get over it people

)lair+=average game+ugliest game of the year award (UGOY)
)HS=average game+half assed not even goddess of war, it like female devil may cry( enemies are not there to ttack you but to let you preform combo in them)
)warhawk=goodgame but no singleplayr mode- not even full game -download- online not everyone can enjoy it
)ratch and clark= teen,prefer the WII
)GTpolygon dowload with around 10 cars
)madden,football games,NHL08 @30fps
)multi-platform games you get it late and .......
)eye of judjement:you ave to buy the extra cards to get te powerful cards( i am sure go and check the reviews) = how much is this goig to cast???
)AFRICA???may be not sure

just it is not the Playstation year, it still not the right time to buy PS3
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InMyOpinion  +   3094d ago
Have you played them? I've only played the demo of Stuntman but I enjoyed it enough to rate it 3/5. I have'nt played Lair yet so I would not know what score it deserves. But you have?

It's funny. Everyone said Lair was gonna be THE game of 2007, and get scores like a AAA Bioshock. Now both Heavenly Sword and LAir are getting 8's out of 10 and Ratchet gets bashed for having poor visuals and last gen gameplay ( What's happening Sony folks?
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Sovannah Phum  +   3094d ago
"Ratchet gets bashed for having poor visuals"

wow you just lost all credibility right there.
felidae  +   3094d ago
Jenzo wants a PS3 so badly.

Sad dude .. really sad.
InMyOpinion  +   3094d ago
Did you read what GamesRadar had to say? They bashed it for it's visuals saying it basically looks like it's PS2 predecessors but with a little more next gen polish.
rubarb23  +   3094d ago
dude, don't even worry about what ps fanboys have to say. one of the games they were looking so foward to was lair and in the end, it's no where near as good as they hoped it would be. it's just average. lol, so much for one of sony's killer app.
dantesparda  +   3093d ago
And how bout your much hype Bioshock? all its got is graphics, otherwise its just a suped-up Condemned, with a "Alice" like world. And i dont like things based on the 50's/40's. Ok game, but nowhere near what they made it out to be. Injecting yourself with sh!t to get magical like powers? wacky! The whole premise of the game is whacked
RelloC  +   3093d ago
@ 1.9
so.. you have obviousy never played bioshock...
uxo22  +   3093d ago
"Injecting yourself with sh!t to get magical like powers? wacky!" I'm sure you were kidding right? I mean it's a video game. Rachet is some type of racoon or something with a pet robot, come on man if that's not unrealistic then what One could almost relate injecting yourself and getting magical powers as using steriods (smile)

But, a gun toting coon with a robot side kick now that's wacky. Just kidding man, I think both games are incredibly nice and represents what they are very well. I just think that it is unfair and dishonest for you to say Bioshock is wacky, I am almost sure that if it was coming out for the PS3 you WOULD buy it in all it's wackiness.

To a certain extent, it okay and sometimes cool to be a fanboy of sorts, but you know you've gotten it bad when you call something garbage that you really know is not, just to annoy someone else.

Bottom line: Both consoles have GREAT games out and coming out, lets get back to giving credit where credit is due. The 360 to this point has a better lineup, the ps3 is more reliable and has a nice blu-ray player. Here is a non-fanboyish look into the future. The PS3 will have Multiple AAA titles out, and .65mm 360 will be out, and BOTH consoles will become great well selling must have consoles for non-psycho-pathic-dedicated fanyboy game console fans! (Wii already is.)
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dantesparda  +   3093d ago
RelloC, yes you're right, I've never played the game, just cuz you think so. I've only beaten the demo.., oh, i dont know, like how many times? Yes buddy, keep making them smart@ss assumptions of yours, it'll get you through life real good.

And to Uxo, I own a 360, kid. And i didnt say it wasnt "realistic" but rather wacky. Injecting yourself and shooting out lighting bolts!? Come on! That's wacked! And i dont care about no fvcking Ratchet or Clank. Just cuz thats fake doesnt mean that Bioshock isnt. The game is just graphics with a wacky theme. It reminds me of Alice on the PC while having the weapon fighting mechanics of Condemned. With a 40's/50's theme thats underwater. Who the hell thought that was a good idea. The game is not bad, but is really just more graphics to me than anything else. And i dont hear you b!tching when 360 fanboys talk sh!t
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Satanas  +   3094d ago
Simply to be on the safe side, I'm going to cancel my Lair preorder, and switch it to COD4 (which looks mindblowingly awesome) and wait for IGN and other sites to review the final build before deciding if I want it. I'm still hoping that Lair is fixed up a bit in its final build. It seems though that their biggest problem is with the missions.

But with COD4 I have no doubts that Infinity Ward will make an absolute monster of an FPS, and I'm dying to use my FragFX with some more games.
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Daishi  +   3093d ago
I have very high hopes for COD4 myself, but also for Haze. I can only imagine what MP will be like if everyone plays dead :)
Loudninja  +   3094d ago
Stuntman loosk like CRAP!
ANd was it not the main reason people fear Lair because of the controls?Yet they do not have problmes as well.SO thats good .That repectitve stuff depends on the person who playes they game, they might not find it repeective.
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MK_Red  +   3094d ago
Awesome point. Stuntman looks mediocre, has bad controls and story plus its repeatative and yet it gets the same 3/5 as Lair? Talk about biased reviews.
gEnKiE  +   3094d ago
the first stuntman sucked, definitely not looking to touch this one....
InMyOpinion  +   3094d ago
No one thought Stuntman would get more than 3/5. Try playing the demo before judging. What's disappointing is Lair. Another overhyped garbage title. I see empty promises being broken.
jay3  +   3094d ago
Seethat's what ive been thinkin this whole time. The thing is, PS3 fanboys, no ones saying the game is crap, but it's just not that good. It's like COD3 good. It's good, but it isn't great.
InMyOpinion  +   3094d ago
Exactly. It's probably good but not great. Not the milestone in gaming as it was said to become. Uncharted is the only PS3 game this year that I think has the potential to deliver on what it has been hyped up to be.
Daishi  +   3093d ago
TombRaider meets Prince of Persia?
socomnick  +   3094d ago
In the Review they said the controls were good. They said it game lacked innovation and looked messy from a visual point. Stuntman sucked though man that game sucks. Haze in the video looked crappy.
Bloodmask  +   3094d ago
is an average game according to most reviews. This is the 3rd negative review I have seen.

It will never achieve the legendary status of the Panzer Dragoon Series.

If you want a truly breathtaking dragon riding experience I recommend Panzer Dragoon 1, Zwei, and PD Saga(RPG) for Sega Saturn. Or Panzer Dragoon Orta for XBOX1.
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Bathyj  +   3094d ago
Thats the problem with a crap (ill informed and inaccurate) review coming out first. Its so easy for others to just jump on the hate bandwagon. You'd know all about that wouldn't you? All you bots are declaring Lair a flop based just on EGM, even though they admit they review an incomplete copy. But you still take that as gosple because its what you WANT to believe. The sad thing is, the easily swayed actually let in bother them. I guess thats why you keep talking.

Bottomline, it looks gorgeous, controls well and there is nothing else like it on any other system. The fact is CANT be done on your system is reason I think you're trying so hard to tear it down.

This game was never going to be 10 out of 10. Its either your cup of tea or its not, but its still top quality and looks like lots of fun, so I dont reall care what GTV, EGM or YOU, think. The fact you are a well know Sony hater means any opinion of your on anything Sony related is redundant.
Captain Tuttle  +   3094d ago
Man Bathyj...
You're going off the deep end. It seems that you've made up your mind about the review and reviewers (they must be biased and ignorant) if it doesn't go your way. You used to be one of the more open-minded people on this site. Now you're starting to look a bit desperate. What happened man?
Bathyj  +   3094d ago
I dont know Captain. Maybe I'm letting the people who only ever bring negative and never add positive rub off on me.

I Dont think anything I said was really that over the top. Bloodmask is a very anti-Sony person, so I think my response was proportionate to his posts, both current and previous. Hey, if he doesn't like the game he could always just skip the thread, its not like he owns a PS3 or ever will.

Maybe you think I took a cheap shot at Xbox and that upset you. I guess its kinda true, when defending sometimes you have to shoot back but I really didn't say anything I dont believe. I just dont think Xbox could do this game. Thats just my opinion, but for the record there lots of things I dont like about Xbox or M$ but I'm still glad to have one. Overall its a great machine despite its problems.

I fully admit Lair wont be for everyone, but I think it deserves a chance and shouldn't be written off because of the EGM "review." We all know what the story was there, I dont have to go over it. And having watched this video right now I want it even more, and the reviewer seemed to give an average score, more for the fact it lacked multiplayer than anything. Thats doesn't bother me at all and I dont see Bioshock being marked down for it, and nor should it. It was a conscience decision. It goes back to what I said first, if this game had received only 9's from the start he might not mark it down so much for that, but since EGM already muddied the waters why not be a bit harsh. At least you wont be standing there alone.

Anyway, my 2 cents.
Captain Tuttle  +   3094d ago
Good points Bathy...
Thanks for the response.

Don't let the bastards get you down! lol
Bathyj  +   3094d ago
Cheers Mate.
Hey, I'm a Bastard myself, but thats my parents fault, I had nothing to do with it.
Daishi  +   3093d ago
I would agree with some of what you are saying. Look at Dynasty Warriors, gets average reviews at best but still fans play the heck out of it because it's their cup of tea. Personally I'm a big fan of Factor Five and generally know what to expect from them. As for not being able to run on the Xbox I'd agree, but it would definitely run on the 360(a little joke, I know what you meant) The only part that wouldn't work on the 360 would be the motion controls, everything else is possible. One last thing is that there are other games like this such as Drakengard for PS2, so it's not 100% original and I think the reviewers took this into account. People should listen to the reviewers "opinions" and stop staring down the number at the end of the review.
nomuken  +   3094d ago
I couldnt care less about lair
But uncharted looks amazing and i'm buying it.
Loudninja  +   3094d ago
It is not the 3rd negative review
Please get your facts right.This review is average.and its been only one.

EGM 5.5
Play Magazine 9/10
Gamepro 3.75/5
PSW*UK mag* 8/10

I only see one, gamepro is average as well, not bad.They also palyed and erlay review copy ,not the final
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ALI-G  +   3094d ago
play give it 9 althogh it has framerate issues and bugs just becuse the developer promised they will sort it out , how the hell that work ?
oh i forget it PS3 EXCULSIVE

get over it the game is ugly and bad.move on with ur life
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ParaDise_LosT  +   3094d ago
people are entitled to their own opinions
and @ loud ninja
When a game gets Alot of hype and has huge expectations...
'avarage' IS a negative review...

but I also agree.....Lair deserves more...
Loudninja  +   3094d ago
Sorry but what kind of knowledge is that?
And average is average not negative.Resistance got lots of average reviews as well.
toughNAME  +   3094d ago
you proved his point loudninja
Eclipticus  +   3094d ago
his point being if super mario galaxy or the next zelda got less than a nine, it would be viewed as a dissapointment, a negative review.
Now Lair isnt on the same level as mario, metroid, zelda, or MGS. but they hyped the hell out of it and it is coming from FACTOR 5? no? they do know something about flying games yes?
so, this would be a dissapointment, to alot of people, and a negative review, for what was projected.
beavis4play  +   3093d ago
sorry loudninja-negative feedback for you. Resistance didn't get lots of average reviews; it got very good reviews.
PS-Wii-60  +   3093d ago
@beavis4play "sorry loudninja-negative feedback for you."
If you think he's wrong hit DISAGREE (that's what it's for!)
Don't take the man's bubbles for that comment!
OMFG some people like to abuse the system.

Oh BTW, I didn't agree with what you did, so I'm wondering now if I should give you negative feedback and take your bubs just to make a point?
timmyp53  +   3094d ago
maybe Lair 2 can have multiplayer
Uncharted looks amazing, Timeshift looks sweet too.
Chris399  +   3094d ago
Personally, I'm excited about the game.
That said, I played the crap outta Drakengard, which most people didn't fancy too much.

Dragons in 1080p? Check.
Massive, carnage ridden battlefields? Check.
Orchestral score? Check.

I could care less what the critics think. The problem with being a critic, is that you are so saturated in the medium that you never really see things objectively anymore. Ask a homicide detective what they think about the crime rate. Ask a plastic surgeon what they think about the symmetry of your face. Ask a movie/ music/ video game reviewer what they thought of a product, and they've probably "seen it before" in some regard or can find fault with it. They are critics, they are paid to critique, and too often criticize instead.

I'm a gamer, I enjoy the experience of gaming. If I put a game in and it engages me, it's a winner, end of story.

- C
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Bathyj  +   3094d ago
Couldn't agree more.

I think Lair is really a game that needs to be experienced, not just looked at.

As one preview said:

If you don't feel anything while flying over the ocean in the moonlight while listening to the haunting orchestral score, you're dead inside.
Taker_129  +   3094d ago
I agree
reviewers are so caught in find all the faults in a game that they don't take the time too sit back and enjoy it. Take Spiderman 3 for example, the game was full of glitches and bad camera angles, but the game was fun it you look past the little issues. Overall, i think Lair will be a fantastic game and if not well there is Heavenly Sword, lol.
Keyser  +   3094d ago
You saved me time posting. Bubbles for you.
Loudninja  +   3094d ago
MK_Red not only that
but it looks much more repective than Lair, I mena much more
MK_Red  +   3094d ago
Truly agreed. Aside from different movies, it seems to have just the same or similair stunts for the whole game and with such mediocre graphics, why framerate is NOT 60 is puzzling. With Burnout Paradise, all these games look and seem terrible.

I may buy Stuntman but no way in hell I give it the same score as Lair. I love Factor5 and love Lair and for me, its a great game and a must have.
DJ  +   3094d ago
I'm surprised how many games get docked for not
having multiplayer modes. They need to review the modes that are there, not ones that don't exist in the first place. It's like complaining that God of War doesn't have Capture the Flag.
heavymetal3k  +   3094d ago
I agree entirely, really dumb to knock a game for not having multi player when it was always going to be a single player only game.
MoonDust  +   3094d ago
Well. Bioshock doesn't have MP and look at it's reviews
there is no excuse.
Whoooop  +   3094d ago
@ MoonDust
You're right, there's no excuse if the games were both reviewed by the same logic..

The thing is Bioshock was reviewed as a single player game without taking points from the lack of multiplayer. They just gave Bioshock the reviews it deserved as a great single player game. period.

Lair should be reviewed the same.

So the "there is no excuse." does not fit too well in this situation.
#12.3 (Edited 3094d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Eclipticus  +   3094d ago
look at how many games on this site, gets torn apart, or declared garbage and useless, because there is no Multi-player. As if Multi-player, is first and foremost above everything.
If someone really wants a multiplayer game so bad, go outside and play b-ball.
rakkasan  +   3094d ago
Some games.......
scream multiplayer; and I think this is one of them. How fun would it be to jump on your buddies dragon and knock him off? Or even just a two player co-op mode would have been a blast. Since multiplayer is becoming more prominent this was definately a missed opportunity.
Keyser  +   3094d ago
Heavymetal3k and DJ I agree,

With all the great reviews for Bioshock on how great a single player experience it is you'd think that people would open there eyes to singleplayer again but it seems they pick and choose which is very subjective. That's the main reason I can't put a lot of faith in reviews.

With all the great things goin on in Bioshock why shouldn't it have MP and why should Lair? It just doesn't make sense to me so I'll spend my $60 based on my own judgement.
Daishi  +   3093d ago
It comes down to the "What do I do now" factor after beating a game. Customization has kept reviewers from complaining about Bioshock's lack of multiplayer because you can play the same area a thousand different ways. With Lair it's more about the first time experience, how large and beautiful the landscape is, awesome music, the gigantic battles. But when it comes to what do I do next there's just not the amount of variety in gameplay that Bioshock has. I really don't think that not having Multiplayer weighed in that much of the score, it was more of an after thought.
Loudninja  +   3094d ago
LMAO I agree with DJ
I see no point, if the game was never suppose to have ,why take off points?
MK_Red  +   3094d ago
The more I watch it the more I want to play Jericho. The game looks sicker than E3 showing! Hope its as good as Clive Barker's other masterpiece, Undying.
Daishi  +   3093d ago
If you think that's twisted go to the offical Jericho website... It'll give you a better idea of what to expect...
Eclipticus  +   3093d ago
I keep hearing about undying. but i cant find it anywhere. i know it was a pc game, was it ever a console game?? is it within one of his written worlds?
Yeah I am excited about jericho, as well.
Genki  +   3094d ago
I'm looking forward to Lair mainly for the carnage it appears that you can create.
It reminds me of GTA in a sense. 90% of the time I play GTA just to wreak havoc and see what ensues. That's entertainment. I look at Lair the same way.

I get to take a dragon into a 30 kilometer battlefield and do whatever the Hell I want to anyone and anything I want. I can totally see several youtube videos showcasing the creative things people will do in this game. Imagine grabbing another dragon by the face with YOUR dragon and smashing it into a group of soldiers on a bridge.

I imagine I'll play it through once for the story and missions, and once that's done, time to screw around and experiment. I can understand that the game won't be well received by everyone, but I like the idea of flying a dragon around a huge, expansive environment littered with victims...that's just me.
djt23  +   3094d ago
it was a good show people should watch it
i hate objectively games and protect some
MK_Red  +   3094d ago
GTV just proved how stupid they are by giving both Lair and Stuntman the same score. I may buy Stuntman but it looks worse, has bad controls and gets frustrating according to review and yet gets the same 3/5!? What were they thinking? I'd rather eat a dia... The rest of The Angry Nintendo Nerd quote here :)

I too don't trust GTV and EGM. For me Lair is a great game and better sites and mags will give it better scores and hopefully do justice to this beautiful game.
Funky Town_TX  +   3094d ago
They are not comparing the 2. They are not in the same genre. Don't let the two = scores get to you. You can't compare MGS to GTA.
MK_Red  +   3094d ago
I know they are not comparing but based on scores, they both belong to the same level of value and have quality in their own genres.

But really, is Lair as bad and mediocre in dragon action/adventure genre as Stuntman is in racing genre? (With games like Burnout Paradise in the same genre)
Whoooop  +   3094d ago
This is my opinion on Lair.. If you look in my history you will see that i've always been exited about this game and I still think I'm going to like this game very much...

I won't deny that reviews have been a bit unstable, it's apparent that the game is not going to have the reviews many of us expected.

The thing is that I'm still exited about this game, because the main thing that got me exited in the first place was the "epic" aspect of the game, the visuals, the environments, the amount of dragons and soldiers, all the mayhem happening at once, the music etc...

All of that have been praised in each and every review, so I'm exited about that.

The gameplay "apparently" is not that great, but I'm not that demanding of gameplay.. What I mean is that if the game has a smart and interesting gameplay where I can enjoy the visuals and music while I play and I can say to myself "damn this game looks beautiful" then I'm all for it.

The gameplay I've seen on video so far looks like good enough gameplay for me.. You can fly wherever you want, fight against other dragons, kill and hijack other dragons, land, burn soldiers or eat them (I think) slow motion hits.. all that apart from the objectives..

Also you can enjoy the visuals and environments while gliding just above the impressive ocean.. I mean So far I'm sold for this game..

The only thing that was keeping me confused about this game was the controls, but apparently they are doing just fine.. I made up my mind and I'm not going to pass out on this game for the controls.

Just my 2 cents on this game which I think I'm going to enjoy despite the reviews..

Pardon my english
Genki  +   3094d ago
The gameplay is the biggest draw for me as well.
The one thing that always sticks out in my head is the video I saw of the dragon picking up a beast from the bridge and just tossing it. Captured my imagination. Even though I had the jist of the game beforehand, for some reason that simple action seemed to open up the flood gates for me.
boodybandit  +   3094d ago'll either love it hate it
so it seems but Uncharted looks simply amazing!
#19 (Edited 3094d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
nasim  +   3094d ago
PSW gave LAIR 8/10 and PLAY gave LAIR a 9/10
who cares about GAYERTV /GAYGM

we also know the reviews coming out from GS/1up/EUROGAMER ---those horrible websites with BOT editors
stunt213  +   3094d ago
i dont give a sh*t about lair anyway, its not oe of my must buy game but i might give it a rent
stunt213  +   3094d ago
i dont give a sh*t about lair anyway, its not one of my must buy game but i might give it a rent
DrPirate  +   3094d ago
I dunno, it looks good.

Maybe my standards are low?

The more I see, the more I like (I was a fan of the Rogue games that's why).
Panthers  +   3094d ago
Lair looks great. I am probably gunna get it. These reviews dont make any sense. Some say the controls suck, then change their mind and say they rock, then say the graphics are messy, then say they rock. Its getting confusing.
razer  +   3093d ago
I've heard from more than one source
That the dragons fly like X-Wings.. The physics and controls are horrible for a dragon game. Also, they say the gameplay is lame and repetitive. I love dragon games and was looking forward to this but now it has gone from a must-have to a rental for me. No problems, there is still HS and Uncharted!
Mucudadada  +   3094d ago
Uncharted took my Lair monies...
jib  +   3094d ago
how can u guys defend a game you've never played. how can anyone here really know what it deserves?
Why_So_Serious  +   3094d ago
totally agree with you
but it's the same as someone saying that a game suck or will suck without playing it
sonarus  +   3094d ago
well generally when you play a lot of games especially over a long period of time. You can generally tell which games are going to get good scores and which will get bad. Regarless i feel lair will do pretty well especially if advertised properly. I will be gettig it because i still think it will be a good game however the reviewer made a point that i pretty much missed the missios are very repetitive in the sense of attack this protect that. Expect above 7.5 reviews from ign and gamespt. those are the only 2 game reviews i take seriously anyway.
Funky Town_TX  +   3094d ago
okay Lair is not AAA
But what is AAA? Is it ratings? Is it sales? Someone please answer it for me. Send me a PM I keep hearing of this. BTW, I always that Lair looked repetitive. Killzone 2 for me though.
Whoooop  +   3094d ago
scroll down to Definition of AAA game titles

Idon't know how accurate that definition is, but I think it's pretty much right.
Funky Town_TX  +   3094d ago
I will comprise my own formula for what I think is a AAA game. I will post it on my page when it is complete. Seeing how I procrastinate, I will get it done when it is time for xbox 720 and PS4 to come out.
Eclipticus  +   3094d ago
with the hype, and the money behind it i figured Lair was AAA. its not now?
MarioFromTexas  +   3094d ago
How many copies it sells
A game doesn't have to be great, just look at Halo2 single player but it's a AAA game because of the number of copies it sold.
Wackpanther  +   3093d ago
It is very difficult for a game to become a triple a title. I would expect that the game would have to have...

1. Almost all great (not just good) reviews.
2. Almost all great (not just good) word of mouth.
3. Which leads to sales in the multi millions.
4. A games so popular, so desired that it acually sells game consoles and turns it's developers into legends.

Halo, Zelda, Metal gear, Gears of War, GTA series (mostly because of controversy), Final fantasy 7, God of War, Mario anything, lol.

Bioshock may be next.
Why_So_Serious  +   3094d ago
uncharted looks amazing
timeshift as come a long way i remember playing a demo of an earlier version and it sucked balls
icechai  +   3094d ago
Too much emphasis on scores
Do people even listen to reviewers comments anymore? What's all this negativity towards Lair? In this review, it basically said

Intuitive Controls
Smooth animations
well modeled Dragons

Too much use of lighting effects
Standard missions (rescue this, kill that)
No multiplayer

Now anyone who likes air combat games would probably get a kick out of Lair, and maybe even find it to be jaw dropping in some parts. Triple A title? Depends what you consider a AAA title. If you considered Ace Combat an AAA title, I'd say from what the reviewers have been saying and the scores, that it is up to that level. If you only consider MGS, GOW, or FFVII etc., no I don't think Lair will be the AAA genre revolutionizing title. Looks like I'm still picking this up for some dragon combat in between Warhawk and Heavenly Sword :)
Bathyj  +   3094d ago
Frankly, I'm much more excited about his then another Ace Combat game (even though I'm a fan of the series.)

And its pretty sad that most of the negativity came from one poor review (and I mean the review itself was flawed, not the score it gave.) The Bots jumped on it because they know this is a game they need to tear down because it shows just how much more action and detail PS3 can handle.

Its just a shame some cant wait til they play it before they condemn it.
PS3Rebel  +   3094d ago
about lair
what did they say that was soooo bad about lair???

what that it had no multiplayer?? big sh@t - this time of game is a epic tale - i wouldnt want multi anyways - as long as the story is deep and captures that epic tale then its golden for me...another thing was that it was protect this - destroy that....hmmm whats wrong with that??its 2 nations vs eachother - just like war...what else would they have wanted?

lair is a first year title - ppl need to remember this - and with that said - lair has been doing alot with the PS3 that alot of other companies could only dream of doing - the size of the game and ground to air combat and still looking this amazing running at 60fps(i think its at 60) is just mind blowing - this on a huge LCD will simply look stunning

im grabbing it 110% - and ill make my own call if it sucks or not..if u were to go by what other ppl said all the time - u would properly be reading a novel and not be playing videogames
icechai  +   3094d ago
the main contention all the PS3 owners seem to have is not with what people say. People say great things about Lair!! (I know some will disagree with this, but every review has said some good things about this game)... Its with the scores. A lot of people just feel the scores aren't reflective of whats being said, or that any little negative thing about Lair will be emphasized too much and bring a score lower.
RadientFlux  +   3094d ago
Lair is going to be one of those games you either love or hate. For me it's a rental as I am not fan of Factor 5's work.
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