Your next-gen console gets graded: Find out which is best

GamePro issued out grades for all consoles alive and well today. Lets only focus on and summarize what they had to say about the next-gen machines, since that's what all of us will be playing the next few years. Are you ready to find out which earns the best grade? It's name doesn't start with a "P".

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Satanas4054d ago

C/C+ for Innovation on 360 and PS3? What?

I certainly don't think that category was very fair, it seemed to be a direct plus for only the Wii as it has motion control.

Meh, the grading isn't the best in general.

eXplotion4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

the grading is just wrong.

Actually Ps3 WINS... goes like this

360 / PS3

Games: B+ / C+ ------ xbox wins by 10
Price: B- / C- ------ xbox wins by 20
OPlay: A / B- ------ xbox wins by 33.3
Innov: C / C+ ------ xbox wins by 30
Hardw: D- / A+ ------ ps3 wins by 6.6
Extra: A- / A ------- ps3 wins by 10

PS3 WINNER hardware killed 360

edit: why am i getting disagrees im just telling the truth..

thetruthinator4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

The Ps3 has had plenty of innovation go into the development of its console... It strays away from traditional console development in several ways through the inclusion of....

-Blu-ray hd disk playback for movies and games
-the cell processor
-external card readers... built in wifi and more.....

should have been a little higher

-edit- and no i wasnt mocking explotion

TheMART4054d ago

I see Sony Sheep are followers in many ways?

eXplotion4054d ago

go back to bashing the ps3 not its users. :)

...ps3 rulz

PS360PCROCKS4053d ago

What is this an avatar convention with the kid that apparently pisses on everything? lol

bluebrad19744053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

If all of you Sony fanatics actually owned a 360, you wouldn't be defending the ps3. The 360 is a much better game machine in so many ways. The proof is everywhere for everyone to see. It is your own damn fault if you choose to ignore the 360, which is clearly the best game machine of this generation.

San anto4053d ago

indeed the grading is incredible stupid, ps3 innovation C?!?!

motion sensing
remote play
wireless hub connectivity setting or watever that thing is
soon to include home

surely that deserves atleast a B fckin rtards

Real Gambler4053d ago

Overall should be somewhat based on all the grades given in each category. Doesn't make any sense to get a low "overall" grade if you're doing decent everywhere. It would be like if a teacher would tell you your kid had an A in science, A in english, B in math, C in art, B in geography, so OVERALL you kid get a C.... (No reasons given...)

PS3 gets 3 A, 1 B, 2 C+, (6 grade about C!) and one C- and overall, it's given a C out of no where. I would likely smash the teacher who would dare to tell me that my kid a grades like that, but overall he is only a C without any reasons whatsoever.

But I guess for this article, I could do the same. So the author get a A+ for english, B+ for form, A for content, C- for research, so overall, he is getting a big F since I don't have to give any reason for his overall stupidity and his article is so crappy anyway : )

ASSASSYN 36o4053d ago

Mart you got the biggest collection of wannabe fans I have ever seen in a online forum. They apparently love your avatar to. Obsession is very odd indeed.

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Bloodmask4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

and a superior online experience of course XBOX 360 gets the highest rankings.

It has the largest games library of all 3 consoles and is also the most diverse. With Halo3, Bioshock and Mass Effect just around the corner. As well as the best versions of all sports games such as Madden, NCAA, NHL 08, and All-Pro.

The pricepoint is also fair at $350 to start your HD and online gaming experience.

The 360 has low rankings for hardware but Microsoft has rectified these problems with the new "falcon" 65nm chips as well as all new 360s coming with a new larger heatsink on the GPU. And all previous customers will benefit from the extended 3 yr warranty to get the upgraded parts at no expense out of their own pockets.

bluebrad19744054d ago

The 360 is hands down the best and most logical choice for a current gen game console.

tplarkin74053d ago

The 360 won the grading contest, but just barely. It received the same grade as the Wii, but was chosen as the winner. The D- for 360 Hardware Design is not fair. Yes, there were significant problems with machines failing, but a D- is too harsh. Microsoft stepped up and fixes it for free, so the problem is only temporary for those that have an issue.

The C for 360 Innovation is also bogus. The triple-core CPU, 10MB of E-DRAM, and Unified Shaders are quite innovative. Lets not forget the Guide button which gives access to the dash menu at all times, even during game-play.

eLiNeS4053d ago

for once this site doesn't look like it's over run by Fony fandroids and the Agrees are tipping toward the truth for once. Either that or there just busy playing some of there new demos that came out recently or hooped up on crack. Maybe they ran out and bought a 360 and having a blast with the BioShock demo. Either way it's nice to see the change.

Imalwaysright4054d ago

Its too soon to choose the best console

Ri0tSquad4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

PS3 or XBox 360 didn't launch with 100 games. And developing for the Wii is cheaper and eassssier so basically saying the ps3 should have just as much games as the wii because they both launched around the same time is just not fair at all. Good games take time to make if you think the BS then look at Bioshock. As far as I know it took 7 years to make the game. Also I don't think those online grades are going remain the same. If this was a last gen battle then yes but this gen things are much different because of updates that all 3 consoles can get over a broadband connection could change one of those online play grades.

Armyless4053d ago

But then again I'm just trying to be reasonable.

MK_Red4054d ago

Nice find but terrible scores. No way on earth for Wii to get B. Wii deserves D at the most (and F IMO).

stunt2134054d ago

why does 360 got a b- on price and ps3 got a c- when 360 is more expensive because if i want to get a 360 which is $400 here in canada for premium then i need to get the freaking wireless adapter because microsoft such a greedy bastard and dont include it for $129 then play & charge kit for $30 (this is canadian price) comes to a total of $560 without xbox live subscription and other crap. ps3 price is $550 and comes with all the stuff you need and i got a lot more for it: blu-ray, 40gb more space, and free online.

Bloodmask4054d ago

you are a dilusional Sony fanboy who lives in an alternate reality. When people go to a store they see the price of the 360 which is $350 for the premium. which is all you need for your gaming needs.

There is not an attached list of a Sony fanboy rant on the SKU which states you need all of the add-ons you have listed.

BubblesDAVERAGE4054d ago


WilliamRLBaker4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

you HAVE to get a wireless adaptor? ummm no.

Lets see wired ethernet, ALL wireless routers have ethernet ports...4 to be exact on the back.

Wireless bridge, costing between 30-60 dollars all will work with the 360.

You sir are fake.

Edit: play and charge kit? Energizer 15 minute rechargeable battery kit, 15 bucks at wal-mart, or bestbuy in canada.

Bloodmask4054d ago

You are also one of the people I refer to that live in an alternate reality.

I have 2 RPGs for my 360. Oblivion and Enchanted arms. And in a few months I plan on buying Mass Efect, Eternal Sonata, Blue Dragon, and Lost Odyssey.

RPG is my favorite genre and PS3 has no RPGs coming out anytime soon.

Just Final Fantasy which is supposed to be a late '08 release. This is the typical Sony fanboy mindset.

Way off in the distant future with his head floating in the clouds.

WilliamRLBaker4054d ago

lol which they've been saying since launch, Wait till summer, Wait till fall, wait till xmas, wait till next year..But but but but

Ri0tSquad4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

Yeah you have a point but when the average buyer or w/e walks in EB games and sees 4 different XBox 360s behind the counter and ask for the cheapest one are they really going to be compatible for every game they buy? No. Are they going to be able to do what (premium and elite) everyone else can do out of the box? Big no. There going to have to go back out to the store and buy a memory card + live subscription card (or a hard drive) just to get full experience.

thetruthinator4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

then it should have been painfully obvious by now....

What we have here is a dead heat... the consoles are so close that it is entirely debatable as to which console actually has the best graphics

If games on the Ps3 are going to Blow 360 games out of the water in the near future, there would have been at least some indication of it now 9 months after its launch.

its just to easy to say "Wait a year"

WilliamRLBaker4054d ago

and no one had that problem with the ps2, or the game cube, or the xbox, or the ps1...ect

The point isn't that you need that stuff, its that YOU HAVE TO HAVE IT.
HE said you absolutely positively have to have it, When you dont, not only do you not need wireless *its slower then wired* there are cheaper alternatives to the wireless adaptor.

Get a core? yes you need a memory card, *by the way ALL Flavors of the 360 come with a silver membership* wanna play online? yes you have to purchase an 3 month, 6 month, 12 month membership card, or just use your credit card.

Do you have to have these things to play the games? nope, You only need them if you want to save or play online.

DAMIT! why do i have to buy a 2nd ps3 controller? they are forcing me to purchases it, No If i want it to play 2 player games, then I need it, BUT I DONT HAVE TO HAVE IT.

If you need wireless net connection then you dont HAVE to buy the adaptor you can get a wireless bridge for cheap and 99% of them work on the 360.

BubblesDAVERAGE4054d ago

Okay lets get this st8 Oblivion is a MMORPG with no online therefore I hate it..It could be so much better if they just take the crap online story line wise its okay but the action isnt my type of Enchanted Arms is on Ps3 is the most average Ubisoft game ever like most of there Rpgs it achieves mediocre standards...Mass Efect, Eternal Sonata, Blue Dragon, and Lost Odyssey.
...the rest of thoes games you mention...Mass Effect will sell okay....ES will be on the Dragon to me looks Mediocre and a lot of the reviews say so too and Lost Odyssey looks like a game I want a 360 for but not until they fix the RROD instead of throwing a warranty on it

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