What's Kojima's new PS3 exclusive?

So when CVG was told back at E3 that Kojima-san was readying the announcement of a major new PS3 exclusive for Tokyo Games Show, it's little wonder people got excited.

Kojima Productions poured a bit of cold water on our story, calling it 'just a rumour' (without a denial, we should add). But the studio hasn't exactly shied away from the speculation machine since then.

Konami's made sure that the world knows Kojima-san is "still working on Metal Gear Solid games", whilst the cheeky tease himself Tweeted this week:

'Now is a good time to talk about a secret.'

Now. Tokyo Games Show now. The smart money's on an announcement any time soon.

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movements2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

Kojima's legend.

He also loves the PS3.

captain-obvious2745d ago

im really hoping for a MGS5 with the same machines MGS3 had just improve it

I mean the AI in that game was top notch
Its even better than most games of this gen

I really loved MGS4 but I still think 3 is better
Because of a lot of things and it feels that they tried too much
Any way that’s just me

zootang2745d ago

MGS5 Playable as The Boss. * shudders *

MegaMohsi2745d ago

I thought MGS 3 was the best in the series, the story, the gameplay, the visuals (for the time) the music, the setting were superb. The boss fight with The End was amazing!

Hyrius2745d ago

PS3 exclusive or burst.

UP2745d ago

That is the greatest idea ever. I would love to learn more about the boss.

rockleex2745d ago

Then people would stop complaining about all the talking and cutscenes since the gameplay will be 60+ hours instead of the usual 10+.

UP2745d ago

No people will still bitch.

Otheros002745d ago

MGS5 is already released and it's called MGS:peace walker.
and no you cannot play as the boss.

Cevapi882745d ago

has everyone forgotten about Zone of the Enders??

MGS can wait IMO, a ZoE game on the other hand is way overdue for this generation of consoles

Immortal3212745d ago

but you guys want another mgs game....

you guys are dogging MS for having way to many halo's, but you guys don't see that the mgs series is finish.

and I'm a fan of all 4 games, with Mgs3, then its mgs, then it's mgs2, then its mgs4 being my all time favorite.

sikbeta2745d ago

Z.O.E 3 + The Love and Respect he Deserves coming from all gamers...

2745d ago
frameflip2744d ago


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Muppetmeat2745d ago

And the new Kojima game is made specifically for the move. With it, you can position an on-screen Kojima into any number of pensive and melodramatic poses for his photo-ops.

Feel the thrill as you put Kojima's hand to his chin so he can look like he's a game genius deep in thought, privy to information and realms of electronic entertainment only a mind as great as his can occupy.

Invite your friends over and download new sunglasses and patterned shirts for Kojima. Sit him in a downloadable suede chair, cross his legs, and have him gaze distantly into the sky while you capture screenshot after screenshot of this legend in his own mind to share with your other friends.

Rocket Sauce2745d ago

Gimme some Blue Steel, Derek! When you gonna drop Magnum on us?

Myze2744d ago

Zoolander is so hot right now, but Kojima is too, AND he's an ambi-turner.

DigitalAnalog2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

Oh, and who here played "Penguin Adventures" on the Famicom/NES?

EDIT: And "captain-obvious" is "captain-obvious"

-End statement

himdeel2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago ) engine for another PS3 exclusive. Just seems like a waste to not unfetter that juicy engine.

zeddy2745d ago

what ever it is you can bet it wont be a ps3 exclusive.

RonRico2745d ago

Why not? I bet you it is.

Prototype2745d ago

Snatcher/Policenauts :D

One would dream...

gtamike2745d ago

PS3 exclusive I hope so

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DA_SHREDDER2745d ago

yeah save metal gear solid 5 for the ps4. Give me ZOE3 please Mr. Kojima. With online mech battles, pretty particle effects, and a story as touching as the ZOE1.

KiRBY30002745d ago

there's a PS4 inside every PS3.

damn, i want ZOE collection now... thanks.

Sheikh Yerbouti2745d ago

I would like to play as Boss in MGS5 - props to zootang for suggesting it - and then have Solid return for MGS6 on the PS4 at launch.

InfiniteRetro2745d ago

it'll either be a new MGS or zone of the enders.

hot4play2745d ago

Yes please ZOE3! Developed from scratch to fully utilize the Move! Hehe I want big, fast robot slicing action! =p

lightningsax2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

God, I hope it's a PS3-only Zone of the Enders 3. But @hot4play, really? Move? I'd be okay with that if there were also a traditional control scheme (and that seems to be the case with a lot of Move-enabled games), but not if it were motion-control only!

Apotheosize2745d ago

Kojima = Ultimate Troll

but god I love him for it

Solid_Snakeps32745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

lol yeah Kojima loves trolling (MGS2)! If you play every MGS game you know what we mean :) but god we love Kojima!!
Kojima is such a troll that he kept Raiden´s existence in MGS2 to the last minute...

jneul2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

lool we all remember the DVD insults made in MGS4, no more switching disks thanks to bluray lol