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Submitted by Espio1 1974d ago | article

What's Kojima's new PS3 exclusive?

So when CVG was told back at E3 that Kojima-san was readying the announcement of a major new PS3 exclusive for Tokyo Games Show, it's little wonder people got excited.

Kojima Productions poured a bit of cold water on our story, calling it 'just a rumour' (without a denial, we should add). But the studio hasn't exactly shied away from the speculation machine since then.

Konami's made sure that the world knows Kojima-san is "still working on Metal Gear Solid games", whilst the cheeky tease himself Tweeted this week:

'Now is a good time to talk about a secret.'

Now. Tokyo Games Show now. The smart money's on an announcement any time soon. (Hideo Kojima, Kojima next, Metal Gear Solid Rising, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, PS3, Xbox 360, Zone of the Enders 3)

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movements  +   1974d ago
Kojima's legend.

He also loves the PS3.
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Brewski007  +   1974d ago
Its true...
He's cooler than ice.
captain-obvious  +   1974d ago
im really hoping for a MGS5 with the same machines MGS3 had just improve it

I mean the AI in that game was top notch
Its even better than most games of this gen

I really loved MGS4 but I still think 3 is better
Because of a lot of things and it feels that they tried too much
Any way that’s just me
zootang  +   1974d ago
MGS5 Playable as The Boss. * shudders *
MegaMohsi  +   1974d ago
I thought MGS 3 was the best in the series, the story, the gameplay, the visuals (for the time) the music, the setting were superb. The boss fight with The End was amazing!
Hyrius  +   1974d ago
PS3 exclusive or burst.
UP  +   1974d ago
That is the greatest idea ever. I would love to learn more about the boss.
rockleex  +   1974d ago
I'd love to see a JRPG from Kojima.
Then people would stop complaining about all the talking and cutscenes since the gameplay will be 60+ hours instead of the usual 10+.
UP  +   1974d ago
No people will still bitch.
Otheros00  +   1974d ago
To everyone saying MGS5.
MGS5 is already released and it's called MGS:peace walker.
and no you cannot play as the boss.
Cevapi88  +   1974d ago
has everyone forgotten about Zone of the Enders??

MGS can wait IMO, a ZoE game on the other hand is way overdue for this generation of consoles
Immortal321  +   1974d ago
I was really hoping for something new from kojima
but you guys want another mgs game....

you guys are dogging MS for having way to many halo's, but you guys don't see that the mgs series is finish.

and I'm a fan of all 4 games, with Mgs3, then its mgs, then it's mgs2, then its mgs4 being my all time favorite.
sikbeta  +   1974d ago
Z.O.E 3 + The Love and Respect he Deserves coming from all gamers...
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Liquid_Ocelot  +   1973d ago
'Kojima's cooler than the other side of the pillow'
frameflip  +   1973d ago
MTEC8  +   1974d ago
Come on.....
Muppetmeat  +   1974d ago
And the new Kojima game is made specifically for the move. With it, you can position an on-screen Kojima into any number of pensive and melodramatic poses for his photo-ops.

Feel the thrill as you put Kojima's hand to his chin so he can look like he's a game genius deep in thought, privy to information and realms of electronic entertainment only a mind as great as his can occupy.

Invite your friends over and download new sunglasses and patterned shirts for Kojima. Sit him in a downloadable suede chair, cross his legs, and have him gaze distantly into the sky while you capture screenshot after screenshot of this legend in his own mind to share with your other friends.
Rocket Sauce  +   1974d ago
Gimme some Blue Steel, Derek! When you gonna drop Magnum on us?

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Myze  +   1973d ago
Zoolander is so hot right now, but Kojima is too, AND he's an ambi-turner.
DigitalAnalog  +   1974d ago
Policenauts and Snatcher on PSN PLEASE!
Oh, and who here played "Penguin Adventures" on the Famicom/NES?

EDIT: And "captain-obvious" is "captain-obvious"

-End statement
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Hardbladestone  +   1974d ago
MGS4 Trophies
himdeel  +   1974d ago
I just hope they've refined and optimized the MGS4... engine for another PS3 exclusive. Just seems like a waste to not unfetter that juicy engine.
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zeddy  +   1974d ago
what ever it is you can bet it wont be a ps3 exclusive.
RonRico  +   1974d ago
Why not? I bet you it is.
Britney Spears  +   1974d ago
he did mgs 4 for ps3 only.
Prototype  +   1974d ago
Snatcher/Policenauts :D

One would dream...
gtamike  +   1974d ago
PS3 exclusive I hope so
HeroXIV  +   1974d ago
Yea boi.
DeathGazer  +   1974d ago
MGS5 beyotch!
interrergator  +   1974d ago
no u save that for ps4 :)
DA_SHREDDER  +   1974d ago
yeah save metal gear solid 5 for the ps4. Give me ZOE3 please Mr. Kojima. With online mech battles, pretty particle effects, and a story as touching as the ZOE1.
KiRBY3000  +   1974d ago
there's a PS4 inside every PS3.

damn, i want ZOE collection now... thanks.
Sheikh Yerbouti  +   1974d ago
I would like to play as Boss in MGS5 - props to zootang for suggesting it - and then have Solid return for MGS6 on the PS4 at launch.
InfiniteRetro  +   1974d ago
it'll either be a new MGS or zone of the enders.
hot4play  +   1974d ago
Yes please ZOE3! Developed from scratch to fully utilize the Move! Hehe I want big, fast robot slicing action! =p
lightningsax  +   1973d ago
God, I hope it's a PS3-only Zone of the Enders 3. But @hot4play, really? Move? I'd be okay with that if there were also a traditional control scheme (and that seems to be the case with a lot of Move-enabled games), but not if it were motion-control only!
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Apotheosize  +   1974d ago
Kojima = Ultimate Troll

but god I love him for it
Solid_Snakeps3  +   1974d ago
lol yeah Kojima loves trolling (MGS2)! If you play every MGS game you know what we mean :) but god we love Kojima!!
Kojima is such a troll that he kept Raiden´s existence in MGS2 to the last minute...
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jneul  +   1974d ago
lool we all remember the DVD insults made in MGS4, no more switching disks thanks to bluray lol
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Da One  +   1974d ago
please great game on the PSP(I own it) it needs to be put on the PS3 to see the sells it deserves
InfiniteRetro  +   1974d ago
that would be an ace idea BUT theres no need to really port it. the god of war games on psp, well the first one at least stands on its own two feet against its older brothers. id love to see a new MGS sequal to MGS4. i wanna know what the fuck happens to Old Snake. reverse the aging Otacon.
Vino  +   1974d ago
Wonder what the game will be, I would love to see zone of the enders or policenauts or snatcher or a new ip.
Nelson M  +   1974d ago
MGS5 !
pedrami91  +   1974d ago
Is it really confirmed that it's a PS3 exclusive ?, not that im not hoping for it, id love a PS3 exclusive from Kojima.
PSjesus  +   1974d ago
Please make it Kojima san.
TLG1991  +   1974d ago
i hope its a new ip or mgs5 just because its mgs maaaaaan!!! :D but anything with kojima humor is a win win win
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Goldsack  +   1974d ago
MGS5 Beyotch...
newhumanbreed  +   1974d ago
I think Kojima wants to kill off Snake, but is too scared to do so lol.
Leafhopper  +   1974d ago
I swear to God Kojima
If it doesn't have "Zone" AND "Enders" in the title I don't want to know what the game is.
rekof  +   1974d ago
WHAT VEXX SAD !! make ZOE3 !!
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Bellcross  +   1974d ago
I strongly agree, I want ZOE3 part 2 was one of my favorite games on the PS2.
Convas  +   1974d ago
Metal Gear Solid 5 :3
DaBadGuy  +   1974d ago
I can't imagine it's another Metal Gear already, but hell it could be. It's prbably either ZOE3 or that "taboo" game we heard so much about a while back. Would be cool to have Peace Walker on PS3 too, but it would piss off the people that bought it for PSP already.
jack_burt0n  +   1974d ago
Zone of the Gear Snatchers: escape the Policenauts

Sneak OUT! :)
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InfiniteRetro  +   1974d ago
and the funny part is kojima could actually pull that off lol
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ryogahibiki   1974d ago | Spam
masterofpwnage  +   1974d ago
Watch is like ddr
SpikeSpiegel  +   1974d ago
I normally don't do this but..
I just had to give you a bubble based on your picture.Its nice to see a fellow A Tribe Called Quest fan. Midnight Marauders ftw!
Brklynty1  +   1974d ago
Zone of the Gear Solid 35!!!!!!!
NarooN  +   1974d ago
If it's not Zone of the Enders related, he can fucking keep it. I don't care about Big Boss or who he banged in 1978. Stop it with the prequels and side-stories, man. Just like Tetsuya Nomura, all he and Squeenix do these days are fifty-billion fucking prequels and side-stories, rather than KH3.
Leafhopper  +   1974d ago
You know..
MGS and KH do have a lot in common dont they?
Leafhopper  +   1974d ago
You know what?
Snatcher 2
Tdmd  +   1974d ago
I would burst in tears with another metal gear solid announcement! I'm sure I would!
criticalkare  +   1974d ago
another metal gear solid please :) or ZOE3
Gdeep  +   1974d ago
wont be mgs 5 cause rising aint even out yet,hope its a ps3 exclusive so it wouldnt have to be downgraded to the 360 like how rising is, but dude just add trophies to mgs 4 i wna play it!
XsteveJ  +   1974d ago are you telling me that you haven't played MGS4 yet because it doesn't have trophies? Is that what you're saying?

Please tell me you're joking...cause if you're not...shame on you
blahblah  +   1973d ago
? wtf?
not played mgs4 because there are no trophies? that... is... so... retarded...

i was always wondering wtf is with people and trophies. i couldn't care less if they never existed. they don't make game better or more playable. and if someone plays game more seriously, he is bound to have platinum.
tianxia   1974d ago | Spam
RowSand  +   1974d ago
metal gear solid reboot
DaBadGuy  +   1974d ago
lol, I imagine it would start with something like this
"Well....snake is old and retired...big boss is dead....liquid is dead.....raiden is....well...raiden....and those silly apple-pie eaters are still hoping for ZOE3, I don't have the heart to tell them it's not happening, but let them stew, it pleases me....ah...dammit I've painted myself into a corner here....fuck it....RESET! Ring up David Hayter tell him we're going again." "Excuse me, Kojima-san?" "I SAID WE'RE FUCKING GOING AGAIN!"
wissam  +   1973d ago
NatureOfLogic  +   1974d ago
I hope It's ZOE,I've waited long enough
nobiggy  +   1974d ago
yeah ZOE3 with HD enhanced 1 & 2 would be sweet as.

here's hoping
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