id Admits Motorstorm Inspirations For Rage

Think id's upcoming Rage looks a lot like Motorstorm? Well, the similarities are intentional. In an interview with Shacknews, id's Todd Hollenshead and Tim Willits talks about incorporating elements of Motorstorm into their genre-mixing FPS game

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stunt2133984d ago

sure looks a lot like motorstorm

nasim3984d ago

had iD not developed for x360 RAGE would have looked just like MOTORSTORM.

why dont iD abandon that low powered x360

MK_Red3984d ago (Edited 3984d ago )

Finally. When I first saw the tech demo of id tech5 months ago. I was like "Isn't this MotorStorm 2 or something?". The cars and the world look almost identical. And Rage doesn't have deformable mud/terran so far...
Still, it was obvious that they were inspired by MotorStorm (Both kinda inspired by Road Warrior / Mad Max 2).

Of Course I'm not saying id stole from Sony. Rage's FPS parts look unique and awesome and the whole game and its engine look hot and interesting. But for their racing parts, they owe some inspiration to MotorStorm and they said it. id Rocks! :)

Crazyglues3984d ago

wow that's a huge statement... and that gives a lot of props to the motorstorm team.

Omicronn3984d ago (Edited 3984d ago )

When i first saw Motorstorm I never thought of getting it because i am not much of a racing game fan.

But after i nabbed a copy for $20 and tried it... I was actually blown away how fun it is.

This has become more of a Party game at my house when i have guests then the Wii Tennis was.. which shocked me.

Like everyone knows, motorstom has no boundaries practically, like you can just about go anywhere on the map with hardly any invisible walls.

If Rage lets that one "fun factor" in... with a "shooter" factor then ID will have a huge title with rage.

MK_Red3984d ago

Totally agreed. I liked the concept but due to the lack of content and game's shortness I was skeptical but after trying it, I found MotorStorm a really fun and addictive game.
Rage could do the same plus FPS!

timmyp533984d ago

Motorstorm is like the only racing game i like . It is a beautiful arcade racer that is so fun w/ turbo and the road rash syle where u can punch ppl off their bikes or 4wheelers.. the fact that u can roam is great. I know some fans will probaly be mad but i will have to say in my opinion, games like Forza, Grand Turismo and such are just not fun. Sure they are beautiful but they are missing something.

No flaming meant. =(

bootsielon3984d ago

...until I played Motorstorm. It's just such a great game. And it doesn't even use SPUs. It only uses the PPU and the RSX, yet it looks great. I wonder how MotorStorm 2 will look once it harnesses all the power of PS3, cell and dual layer blu-ray!

PS3Rebel3984d ago

motorstorm has been keeping me happy since march...if u have many friends online - head to head vs them is great - stage i like is dustdevil (only racer cars) is a blast...

DIRT failed bigtime - it doesnt even compare to what u get in motorstorm..

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