IGN previews NBA 08, tons of new videos, and boxart shown

While NBA 07 was a good first step on the PS3, one of the largest knocks for the game was the lack of additional content. Although the inclusion of NBA Replay and Games of the Week helped extend the gameplay significantly over the course of the regular season, the missing unlockable and bonus content did stand out once you'd explored everything there was to do in the game. Fans of last year's game need not worry about the same issue for this year, as Sony's Computer Entertainment's San Diego Studios spent a lot of time working on every facet of the game, tying it into an overall system known as Player Progression. We stepped back onto the court to get a sense of what we can expect later this year when NBA 08 tips off on PS3s everywhere.

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crck4017d ago

Since Sony seems to be the only ones capable of getting 1080p and 60fps out of the ps3 for sports games.

tony4017d ago

nba 2k8 all the way!

icechai4017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

bad design decision on Sony's part. Look at EA'S NBA Live 08, lighting used to hide the crowd, but all those polygons ended up on the players instead, making them look a generation better than NBA 08 with more detailed muscles, sweat, and clothing. Who needs to see the crowd? I think EA's approach to the player models are much better. Just take a look at the video below compared to this posts.