RedSpotGames Announces Two Dreamcast Games to be Shown at Leipzig

RedSpotGames, publishers of the recently released NG:Dev.Team's Last Hope for the NEO GEO and Sega Dreamcast, have announced their intentions to show off two new games (Dalforce - a vertical shooter and Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles - an action/arcade/puzzle game) for Sega's console at the Leipzig Games Convention.

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resistance1003809d ago

Why? At TGS i would understand as people still play dreamcast in japan, but over here (europe)no one plays it, so why annouce it at a Euro games event?

RyanDG3809d ago

RedSpotGames is a European publisher. That's why they will be at Leipzig.

djt233809d ago

yea i wounder what they got

Bloodmask3809d ago

One of the most underrated consoles of all time.

A true arcade purists fighting game Nirvana. A huge lineup of arcade fighters. Some of the most memorable being MvC2, Guilty Gear, and Garou Mark of the Wolves. And also home to one of the best shooters ever, Ikaruga.

Also the first console to introduce online gaming and the truly innovative VMU for playing mini-games.

Long live the memory of Dreamcast and the Shenmue saga.

Ri0tSquad3809d ago

Street fighter 3 3rd strike! Lol Dreamcast was great and had the best arcade ports.

MK_Red3809d ago

Cool find and news.
DreamCast's fall is still the biggest tragedy of gaming IMO.

s8anicslayer3809d ago

i'm still playing soulcaliber and house of the dead

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The story is too old to be commented.
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