Nintendo Wii Has Won A Battle. What About The War?

People have tried to foresee who will eventually win the video gaming consoles' war since Microsoft's Xbox 360 was just an idea, Sony did not know when its BluRay unit was to be released and Nintendo's Wii was also just a project in the company's engineers' minds.

However, the first important hit came from Microsoft, which was able to release its video gaming console months before its rivals. Back in November 2005 the company was launching Xbox 360 with much ado. And thanks to its rivals' technical problems in quickly developing their projects, Xbox 360 remained the unique next-gen console on the market for about a year.

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Bloodmask4017d ago

is just rekindling some of their old magic. Miyamoto is like the Walt Disney of the gaming world. Games that are just all around fun. People seem to forget that the fundamental part of playing games is fun. A form of entertainment to take some monotony out of the day.

I'm sure a lot of gamers on this site that come from an older generation can remember the magic of opening up their first NES and playing Super Mario/Duckhunt and/or Gyromite if you were one of the lucky ones to get the deluxe package. Or the awesome feeling of unveiling their first SNES or SEGA Genesis Console.

HD Graphics and multicore processors will only get you so far. Fun factor will take you all the way to victory. There is a reason why no matter how old some games are they still stand the test of time.

gta_cb4017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

i completely agree, although i am not old enough to remember those systems, the same games have been released by Nintendo by the means of GB, GBA etc etc.

The Real Joker4016d ago

Me being a Crip you would think I would disagree but I really miss those early days. I truly did enjoy my NES(although my first console was the intellivision. It was exciting. I hate to say it but I miss having to blow in each cartridge and then lodge something in the NES to keep the game down. That is why I own the top loading NES now and I will never sell it with my 50 games I have. It doesn't matter if the Wii releases these old games. There is something about playing the originals.

This is the top loader I have:

dinkeldinkse4017d ago

It doesn't matter if it wins just if it beats halo like a red headed stepchild.
Halo sucks.

cloud3604017d ago

Yeh halo sucks donkey ass.

I hate FPS

MK_Red4017d ago

Well, with release of Mario Galaxy and Metroid 3, they will be out of lethal bullets for war. In 2008, Wii has to fight MGS4, FFXIII and GTA4 all alone and without any real known franchise. (their only chance is with WiiFit which may do well with casual crowd but with hardcore...)

Rooftrellen4017d ago

The Wii has its share of games that can compete with the other games. The PS3 looks amazing next year, admited, but the Wii doesn't look bad.

Mario Kart is pretty popular, so don't underestimate it. Animal Crossing will be a big seller, as well. Dragon Quest Swords should be to most of the world sometime next year, though how it will fare is anyone's guess. Disaster looks to be out next year, as well.

You say Final Fantasy, but the Wii is fighting back with a Final Fantasy of its own next year, as well.

Sadness may be out next year, but I believe I saw where Nibris said it would be out sometime in 2009.

No, they're not all the "known franchises," but we have Mario Karts, Animal Crossings, and Final Fantasys, and some more promising newcomers as well.

There is a share of "hardcore" games next year as well. It doesn't get much more hardcore than Animal Crossing (seriously), for instance, because it requires almost daily attention. You can't do casual every single day. Mario Kart is a racing game with a twist, for casual and hardcore alike. Finl Fantasy Crystal Chronicals is for the hardcore among us, and it appears Disater is as well. Manhunt 2 is for those who like their blood in a game.

Think about what games are comming for the Wii, and you'll see that just the games annouced so far are pretty good, and there will likely be much more that we will find out for next year soon, with the short development times for the Wii, and its popularity, forcing developers to look at it seriously.

Check it out:

The Wii doesn't disappoint next year, even if it doesn't have the great games we see comming in the next few months, next year.

MK_Red4017d ago

Good points and comment but the thing is that while Mario Kart, Animal Crossing and other titles are big, they are not as big as Mario Galaxy, Zelda TP or Metroid Prime 3 and all of them will be out bofore 2008 while Sony's 2 heaviest hitters from the days of PSone (FFVII and MGS) and PS2(FFX and MGS2) are coming for 2008.

Rooftrellen4017d ago

Absoluately Sony has the strongest lineup for next year, but the Wii isn't to be totally left out of the fun. It doesn't have as many major titles, but it does have games comming that will sell well.

No one can top what Sony has comming next year, unless there is a major shift to the Wii, but I don't see a shift that big happening, or unless Microsoft is keeping a lot of titles hidden, and I don't see that as a good strategy.

Sony has a very strong lineup next year, and it is better than the 360 or the Wii, but given how well the Wii has sold so far, I don't think Sony has enough major titles for the PS3 to push it ahead. After next year or games that we don't know of yet, who knows; its anyone's game. The PS3, though, will certainly close the gap next year.

tplarkin74017d ago

It is August 2007, guys. We still have 5 months to go before Jan 1, 2008. Those PS3 titles aren't coming out for 12-17 months. Trust me, they may say "March", but those games will slip into the traditional holiday lineup. I also doubt that FFXIII will make it in 2008, since SquareEnix is always incredibly slow.

The battle we should be referring to is this year and the 360 will have a killer app in 2 days.

cloud3604017d ago

Good points and comment but the thing is that while Mario Kart, Animal Crossing and other titles are big, they are not as big as Mario Galaxy, Zelda TP or Metroid Prime 3 and all of them will be out bofore 2008 while Sony's 2 heaviest hitters from the days of PSone (FFVII and MGS) and PS2(FFX and MGS2) are coming for 2008.

I totaly agree with the last part. anyhow did u notice the first FF game on a neg gen system is always the best on on the system. Eng FFVII first ff on ps FFX first FF on ps2.

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