GC Predictions: FarCry 2 vs Crysis, Rockstar Stepping Up & More

1UP's Matt Leone writes about what to expect from Leipzig's Games Convention:

"Far Cry 2 vs. Crysis: Now that Crysis -- the game from the makers of Far Cry that looks a lot like Far Cry -- has a release date, its Leipzig showing will be one of the last before the game ships, and we've confirmed that there will be new content on display at the show. But while EA has a nearly-complete game, Ubisoft will show Far Cry 2 -- the actual sequel from a new development team -- for the first time. With one of the minds that helped shape Splinter Cell Chaos Theory behind it, I'm excited to see what Ubisoft comes up with, and how the two offspring compare.

Rockstar Stepping Up: Rockstar announced a few days ago that the first PS3/360-gen Midnight Club will make its debut at the show, along with the Wii version of Rockstar Presents Table Tennis. In some ways, this makes for a convenient distraction from the recent GTA4 delay announcement, but with Rockstar having a low key presence at E3 in recent years, this splash of support for Games Convention is a pretty big deal. That, and I've always had a soft spot for the Midnight Club games, and it'll be interesting to see how Table Tennis makes the jump to Wii, considering it was the first game to use Rockstar's RAGE graphics engine (which is also being used for GTA4). Not to get too far ahead of ourselves (this is not a hint at any secret info, I promise), but if Rockstar was to ever port GTA4 to Wii, this first look at Table Tennis may offer some clues on how they would go about it."

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MK_Red3985d ago

Diablo 3 and Midnight Club LA are what I really want to see but FarCry 2 vs Crysis could be fun to watch.

Ri0tSquad3985d ago

Cant wait to see how its going to look like on the next gen consoles.

gta_cb3985d ago

again why do you report an article and approve it at the same time?

Bloodmask3985d ago (Edited 3985d ago )

I honestly believe that it could give Crysis some competition.

There is no doubt that Crysis will be awesome.

But it is comparing EA to Ubisoft. For overall talent I would give it to Ubisoft anyday. Most of their games portfolio are AAA titles. And the Chaos Theory team did an awesome job for Splinter Cell 3.

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is going to be awesome too, I wonder if Ninja Gaiden2 will be at this show also.

gta_cb3985d ago

yep got to say i would also say Ubisoft over EA, but who knows, maybe we will be suprised, i personally think they milk the FIFA, Madden and all of those other games to much, they need to be more creative.

xfrgtr3985d ago

FAR CRY INSTINCT SUCKS;don't forget that ubisoft owns the right for FARCRY,they are not the makers of the GREAT ORIGINAL FAR CRY ON PC,it's CRYTEK.


yeah, farcry will give pcs crysis competition, but ps3 still wont have any competition, not this year or 15 years down the road, but im sure crysis and farcry are the best pc can do, and thats all that really matters

Aizen Sama

Vojkan3985d ago

IS that fanboy saying again "MGS4 is SO coming to 360"? wait it was that nerd from gamespot, my bad.