Microsoft: Kinect Plus Fable 3 Will Change The Gaming World, Interview A Must See

Kinect may have found the recipe for success in the motion gaming field and Fable 3 is the title to set it off.

Lionhead studios said it would be a great idea to allow you to talk to your main characters in the game, along with other possibilities that Kinect can bring to the Xbox360 overall.

This interview really shows what Fable 3 is all about and what the future holds for Kinect as a hardcore gaming platform as well as casual. Check Out The Interview Now

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Godmars2902809d ago

Wonder if the game will get a relaunch once the Kinect update is ready, like Heavy Rain is getting.

DigitalRaptor2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

I doubt it! If Peter Molyneux is involved, which is a no-brainer, it's highly unlikely.

Kinect functionality in Fable 3 will be gestures and little things to compliment the standard experience, but I'm willng to bet that it will be just as easy or even less time consuming to use the controller buttons.

And heck, even the voice recognition stuff is only gonna be able to have a certain number of logical parameters and won't be a game changer that Microsoft and Lionhead are establishing. If you've seen the Milo demo then you'll know what I'm talking about.

Peter is ambitious and that's credible, but his overly enthusiastic nature leads his fans to disappointent, more often than not!

oldjadedgamer2809d ago

Peter, how about no more bragging how good your game WILL be. How about you brag about how good your game IS, once you release it.

Godmars2902809d ago

Because the man has a habit of running off at the mouth, tells what he would like to have in a game, what's he planning to have in it, what he might hint being in it and what actually in it so far as if they're all the same thing, people get confused. Over-hyped.

4me22809d ago

Peter Molyneux is a good guy in the gaming industry. I'm sure he would love to just concentrate on game development process exclusively but unfortunately PR is also part of his job.
PR is just not his thing.

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