PS3 Breakdown: Scans from Electronic Products Magazine August 2007

These are scans from August 2007 issue of Electronic Products Magazine that are attached while the link goes to the actual post by RotaryKnight:

"No, a ps3 didnt overheat or nothing so you kind of people can chill out.

I just got my new issue of August 2007 Electronic Products
It breaksdown every bit and pieces of the PS3 and even calculates the prices on those parts with current pricing.

As I read through all the parts there was no mentioned of the Emotion engine, or even its parts number, but yet it is based on the 60gb model, so I think they probably took the 60gb model and price its parts leaving the emotion engine out.

They went into the very detailed of everylittle part that is inside of the ps3 to even include the height, lenght, and width of the parts."

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doshey3929d ago

sounds great i guess, well it is great, right

bym051d3929d ago

Did they find a scaler? :|

Lord Anubis3929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )


wonder if they used the new models.

the_bebop3929d ago

This pirce seems to shoot down the Idea of people saying that the PS3 is being produced at a loss of $200 or more, and if this is the case I wonder if they are already making a profit.

Rama262853928d ago

This article only shows the cost of parts. It was also pointed out it doesn't include the emotion chip. It also doesn't include labour, packaging, advertising, machinery, factories, etc....

When you add all that up, I wouldn't be surprised if they're making them at a loss and the PS2 sales is covering losses. But mind you, I'm sure they get all those parts much cheaper due to ordering large quantities.

Gizmo_Logix3928d ago (Edited 3928d ago )


If you want to include labour, packaging, advertising, machinery, factories. Then, you might as well include the game division losses M$ incurs as well. Yeah, they use Office and Windows sales to subsidize the 360.

Also remember that the original price lost was $250 - $320 per PS3 at launch depending on the model (20GB/60GB). This was 9 months ago. And we already know that Sony has reduced production cost, blue-diodes, blu-ray drives (price cuts) and well as just overhead from the factory. This is a given.

So, the layout of the part price is just part of the equation. We really don't know how much is being lost right now. Using conservative numbers I suspect that it's around $100-$150 per PS3. Still impressive since the launch and considering the PS3 is a $950 piece of hardware! And it's not even been a year on the market yet.

Rama262853928d ago

I think you are I are saying the same thing and agreeing on the same thing. I was replying to the post above mine who was implying that since the cost of the parts is $639.62 then that proves that Sony aren't making the consoles at a loss of $200 like some people have been saying. I was trying to point out that the cost of parts isn't the final cost of a console and gave examples of other costs.

PS. Not sure why you were mentioning M$ since I haven't (until now).

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Xbox is the BEST3929d ago

Costs that much but it's inferior to the 360 go figure.

Tsukasah3929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

You're hysterical! Only thing the 360 has on its console thats better than the PS3's is the RAM, sort of. The 360 shares 512mb of RAM, its not separate. PS3 has 256 Video and 256 Audio memory, so they're basically the same. Don't even get me started with the processor. BluRay is pwning HD-DVD in sales, and will more than likely be the standard disk format for a few years.

The reason the multi-plat games look better on the 360 is because the games are built on 360s hardware. They basically change around the coding so the PS3 can operate it. In order for a game to run it has to run on all the cores of a processor. What the developers do is make it so that a small amount of the game uses the remaining 4 cores(the 8th is disabled, don't feel like explaining why, but its important) therefore making the game developed faster, looks crummier, cheaper than individually developing on separate consoles, and much laggier. That is why Madden 08 is running at 30 fps rather than 60 fps.


What the hell? How can someone disagree with facts? I'd mention religion vs evolution but I don't want to offend anybody =/. Anyways, I stated raw facts, I've made quite a few games in my lifetime. Also the difference between 1 cores and 2 cores(as the new dual core processors are coming out) is very little, so games made for single core processors will have no difference. But when its about 4-5 core difference its huge.

Just stating the facts.

MikeGdaGod3929d ago

why do u guys even respond to idiots like this guy? he's cleary tryin to bait u. f*ck em........thats my motto.

no need to argue with silly people

BISHOP-BRASIL3929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

I'm saying this a loooong time. Sony have STARTED the PS3 production on a 200 dollar loss, but, by March (if I remember right) just the blue diodes and some few other components normalization on production take 125 dollars off on this loss. So, since March (again, iF i remember right), Sony is losing about 75 dollars on each PS3, not 200. That's why i have previewed the firs pricecut in E3 for some friends, in still betting in a second pricecut this year, sometime after TGS.

I'll find that 125 dollar news and post a link.

EDIT: Oops, my bad, wasn't 125 dollars. Was 8 dollar per diode. The entire BD drive that costs 125 dollar (back in March) and, with some diodes, they make a considerable part of this drive, but no information on how much diodes we have in the unit... Maybe now, with this article.

Anyway, here is the link in QJ:

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