PS3 Sales Explode: Outsells Wii 3:1 & 360 6:1 in Denmark

Seems according to this danish site, the PS3 is out selling the Wii by 3.5:1 and the 360 by 6:1 in Denmark. This is all thanks to the new Starter pack model.

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masterg3898d ago (Edited 3897d ago )

I'm proud to be Danish.

The article stats the facts as written on this post.
Nothing was lost in translation.
It's the two controler + two games which have made the PS3 sales explode. Price = 4995Kr = $925.

Most people I talk to here in Denmark would never consider a 360. They hardly know it exists.
People ask me about the graphics on the 360 (I have both). I tell them it is just as good as on the PS3. But the hardware is nowhere near the PS3 (I'm on my 3rd 360).

As for Wii they look at it as a Party/Kids toy. So this is not really that surprising.

Edit: Hey if you are going to disagree with me at least tell me why. I doubt any of the disagrees have been danish.

closedxxx3897d ago

And as we all know-
DENMARK is where the console market is decided

eclipsegryph3897d ago

Archaic, I'm certainly no fan of the PS3 myself, but that's no reason to be a prat about factual information like this. It's called maturity, mate. Look it up.

N4Gworks4Sony3897d ago

Again , bad editing ALLOWED by the admins of this forum who are biased for sony. Stories are supposed to link to the original source not a ps3 forum.

MK_Red3897d ago

Bad Edit: Should I have linked to the non-english page instead? I know that when the news source is a non-english site, we are allowed to use translated link and the forum link is the best translated version I could find.

eXplotion3897d ago (Edited 3897d ago )


bubbles for u

xbots better get rdy for the snowball effect : Warhawk, HS, Lair...

N4Gworks4Sony3897d ago

do you need any more proof that this forum is biased for sony? just look at how they arrange the sections, even though xbox 360's installed base is over twice that of the ps3 and yet the ps3 section is placed first next to 'Home' above the headlines. maybe its wishfull thinking.

N4Gworks4Sony3897d ago

do you need any more proof that this forum is biased for sony? just look at how they arrange the sections, even though xbox 360's installed base is over twice that of the ps3 and yet the ps3 section is placed first next to 'Home' above the headlines. maybe its wishfull thinking.

closedxxx3897d ago

The Sega Genesis is outselling ALL next gen consoles in Conrad, Montana!!!!

pilotpistolpete3897d ago


Ah man, that's funny....

You were joking right?

You cleverly found out how to find out what console a website is biased for simply by looking which console's icon is placed closer to the home button.

Oh, ign seems to be biased for pc games. Just thought you'd like to know.

Odion3897d ago

MK-red you've become a useless prat who only cares about winning 500 bucks, not only have you posted info from a forum (which isn't allowed) you got your source from a non english site, and its freaking demark, a tiny country which prob sells a few thousand units a month.

techie3897d ago

"its freaking demark, a tiny country which prob sells a few thousand units a month."

I hate arrogant americans. grr.

Odion3897d ago

Deep prove me wrong, prove to me that Denmark sells tens of thousands of units each week, cause frankly thats the only way it would matter... oh ya the only country who does that in Europe is the UK.

EZCheez3897d ago

You are extremely arrogant. People like you are the reason almost every other country mocks us. Trust me, I know. I am in the Navy and have been to Europe and they do not have "USA is the best" ideal that you might think they have. Go there sometime and you will see why.

Besides, how hard is it to NOT click on a story that you don't care about? Honestly, what compels people like you to read stories like this that you SAY you don't want to see but obviously pay attention to?

And if you don't like the news that MK Red submits, then submit your own and read that.

eLiNeS3897d ago

Xbox 360 with 2 SKUs above the slipping PS3 that is now at a lowly #19

Not only that, the Xbox 360 has AAA games Topping the Bestsellers charts!!! FTW

jmoneezie3897d ago

Who said that this information was factual, some guy that says he's from demark. Or the other second hand original story translated after being posted as hear say. If you are that easy to think something is factual, then I have some swamp land in the trunk of my car that I would like to sell you.

Funny though, my older brother is in the USAF and is stationed in demark, he has a 360 and states that that's what most of his friends play and rave about. Totally opposite that what masterg says, hmmm, somebodys either lying or a huge sony fanboy. I think I'll take the word of my brother who plays the 360 just for fun and is not close to being a fanboy.

And just like I did, you can draw your own conclusions. I'm not saying that the starter pack isn't selling well in demark, I'm sure it is, but 3-1 and 6-1 can be something as simple as 36 ps3s being sold to 6 xbox 360s or 6 ps3 to 2 wiis. Until someone post some factual numbers like thousands to hundreds, etc. The post is just another garbage story with a bunch of holes in it.

nasim3897d ago

Now this is confirmed

the defective x360 is dead in EU and JAPAN

WafflesID3897d ago

Population of Denmark ~5 million.
Population of Los Angeles ~4 million

Yeah...sure sounds like the console war is now at a close.

This is retarded. What purpose does this POSSIBLY serve? Bragging rights. Why else post this as 360 related news?

The bias here is getting ridiculous. and I own all 3 systems. Bleah.

eclipsegryph3897d ago

jmoneezie - You are correct - I should not have used the word "factual" in my reply to Archaic. Hopefully the meaning of my post remains, however. Archaic did nothing to refute the supposed data, but instead went straight for a sophomoric and sarcastic comment about Denmark being where the console wars will be decided, thus showing a decided lack of maturity. Yes, I know that it's rampant across the Internet, and certainly this site, but it still surprises me that people willingly expose themselves in idiotic manners and think that it's acceptable.

jmoneezie3897d ago

I certainly understand where you're coming from, thanks for clearing that up. Bubbles

clm0013897d ago

Actually this article concerns not only Denmark, but the entire of Scandinavia. Quotes in the article is made by Nordic Film Interactive, which is the only distributer of Sony PS3 in all of Scandinavia - that means Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland - in total 24 million people.

The mention of Merlin (major danish retail outlet) is only given to illustrate how the new PS3 starter package is outselling the WII and xbox360.

Basically the number of people living i Scandinavia is rather small compared to the USA, - whats interesting is weather the PS3 salesratio is also relevant for the rest of Europe - then we are talking 470 million potential consumers(European Union) - and not only 24 millon.

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the greatest3898d ago

warhawk coming out next week
and lair, Heavenly Sword in few weeks
is looking good

MaximusPrime3898d ago

im approving this anyway ;)

doshey3898d ago

wow that is good to hear

toughNAME3898d ago (Edited 3897d ago )

but the population of denmark...makes Canada seem important

<<< see the pic? im relax

MoonDust3898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )

Just like this site that no one can understand. ;)

Has anyone notice that there have been a lot of bullshit articles lately?

Mr VideoGames3898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )

you took the Words right out of My Mouth

ya MoonDust i have Noticed that how come there is so much BullSh*t Artilces on this Site now this Article especially i mean WtF

spammy_nooo3898d ago

no, i havent noticed at all :)


MrSwede3897d ago

The point might be though that Denmark reflects sales in Europe. I´m quite sure sales are just about the same in the rest of Europe.

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