Medal of Honor: Airborne gets 6/10

The Norwegian version of the scandinavian gaming magazine Gamereactor has reviewed Medal of Honor: Airborne, and gives it 6 out of 10.
The negative feedback was the bad A.I. and that the game is equal to the other Medal of Honor games.
The positive feedback was that the game has an open gameplay, that the soldier develope skills during the game and that you can land wherever you want.

The game scores 6/10 on graphics, 7/10 on sounds, 6/10 on gameplay and 5/10 on durability.

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theonlyfro983803d ago

i had higher hopes for this game....bummer so far =\

Ri0tSquad3803d ago

Call of Duty 4 should be way better and the loading times in Call of duty airborne are terrible.

eXplotion3803d ago

i cant believe xbots were braggin about gettin this game...

eXplotion3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

sry double post...

Mikey_Gee3803d ago

You do know it is a PS3 title as well right??

6/10 will probably apply to BOTH !!

Nice try though at a flame war

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doshey3803d ago

well if this is true then im happy i decided not to buy it

MK_Red3803d ago

Wow, I knew it would fall short of Call Of Duty 4 but 6!??

Activision won this round. Not only they kept releasing their CODs yearly thanks to two different teams working on COD3 and 4, they got much more critical praise and COD4 is already a GOTY chance after winning huge awards at E3.

DrWan3803d ago

man i stil remember my first Metal of Honor experience on PS1, it was great..first time i felt this is great game! went crap after that.

theonlyfro983803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

i still have nightmares from playing MOH: Rising Sun.....ugh

toughNAME3803d ago

this game shud be pretty good

but its being overshadowed by bioshock....oh yeah and the other monster 360 title

beavis4play3803d ago

if i want to play a game, no other game would "overshadow" it. COD4,HS, ratchet,uncharted are all games i'm stoked for. and bioshock and your other unnamed mystery game has no bearing on what i buy.

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The story is too old to be commented.