SOCOM Week: Two more videos

Yes, the videos you're seeing are running on a PSP. Not a PS2. Not a Wii. But a PSP. The dense foliage, the beautiful rays of light shimmering down to the ground, the individual blades of grass ... this is all real, and all on the handheld. Look at the fog in the background: this isn't the muddy in-your-face fog from the N64 era. Look how you can see through it, just as you would real fog. This is one beautiful game. But don't just stare at the graphics. Look at the enemy and partner AI. Watch for the commands system, and the intelligent way you move around the environment.

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thereapersson3987d ago

That shanking in the kidneys at the beginning of the first video was what won it over for me...

Lord Anubis3987d ago

who ever was playing in the first video, knew exactly what they were doing.

thereapersson3987d ago

I never really played the first SOCOM games but I heard they were really fun and that the community is really tight-knit and the games have excellent online play. Looks like the gameplay and graphics on the PSP are top-notch.

ReconHope3987d ago

the ds is great and all but this is why i think the psp rules.

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