Intel Improves On Integrated Graphics (But Just For XP)

Owners of PCs with Intel's 965 chipsets can finally download drivers that will immediately improve the performance of games running on those systems. The 965 chipsets were supposed to be a dramatic step forward for integrated graphics performance.

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ShiftyLookingCow4020d ago

lmao at seeing Crysis and Intel Integrated Graphics together. DX10 and Vista is probably just a waste of time for Intel.

Bloodmask4020d ago

before that one of the main things Vista was going to do was force PC makers to stop puting crappy integrated GPUs into PCs. SO most average PC's would be more PC game friendly.

This is to help the "Gaames for Windows" push.

Granted these PCs won't be Crysis capable. They will have better GPUs though.

spammy_nooo4020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

i was choosing between two laptops for homeschooling and i chose one with an nvidia 6150 inside, and i ALMOST got one with this chipset for about the same price but it didnt support certain things important to me at the time. darnit!

this could be a major catalyst in pc gaming for the general population. this does make it quite a bit more accessible, but who knows?

sak5004020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

WOw now 965G chipset owners can proudly play games in 5fps from 2fps.

Edit: I dint attack you or anyone owning mobos with integrated intel chipset. My sarcasim ws directed at the news. I till sometime back had 7950GX2 1gb VGA which burned or conked off and had to send it for warranty. So inbetween i picked up 7100 nvidia card to atleast use it till the old card is replaced. I tried playing BF2142 stupidily at the same settings but i ws getting less than 1fps so lowered most of the settings to almost min level, the game managed 15-20 fps at the most. SO you think 7100 chipset is less than 965G ? YOu think anyone will be able to run a game made out in last 2 years to even run on 965 chipset? IF it is able to play HD videos (720 or 1080p) i'll be happy for the owners but forget gaming other than playing solitare.

spammy_nooo4020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

there is no reason to be so sarcastic with this story or look down on people with the 965g chipset. for people like me(i have this chipset in a budget pc i built for my brother) this is actually good news. and im sure its more than an increase of 3 fps.

besides the fact that this improves the shaders and makes some previously unplayable games playable.

and not everybody is rich....

edit: you did say 965g OWNERS can PROUDLY play games at 5fps. i think that,even though it might have been directed at the news, is still offensive, mainly because of the proudly part.

and yes, i do think the 965g integrated graphics will play at least on par with that 7100. maybe a 6100 or so to be realistic, but it plays 1080p video and supports DX10(i think). i do think it will play a game with settings at min. at more than 5 fps.

still though i want this to be left on a good note, so ill forgive and forget, k? no hard feelings :P

gta_cb4020d ago

if anyone wants to game on windows then obviously a laptop is the worst choice, get a desktop pc, and about not being rich, PCI-E cards are soo cheap, if your looking to upgrade your PC and you live in the UK then PM me and i will give you a website, its very reliable and things (computers, HDTVs, laptops etc etc) are very cheap compared to retail shops.