Mass Effect Delay Debunked ; Game still on schedule

Earlier on this morning, this site was reported that, Mass Effect has been delayed to December 7th 2007 without stating no actual resources.

An official developer over at Mass Effect community has responded to this unsubstantiated rumor . The game is still on schedule and it has not been delayed. They will reveal more news as the due date nears.

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alexander22rednaxela3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

I told you! ;P

beavis4play3933d ago

you told what? the game is already sitting on an 8 month delay-it isn't like bringing it out in nov. is the original release date!

FCOLitsjustagame3933d ago

Really, what was the original release date that the deveolper (the only one who can give official dates) had given to it?


Bioware never released an offical release date until right B4 E3 2007 & it has never changed. Everything else is like the last article... rumor & speculation.

N4Gworks4Sony3933d ago

more proof that this site is biased. Why if the rumor has been proven untrue does this website keep the inital headline up? I still see the "mass effect delayed" news up on the headlines.

jmoneezie3933d ago

This is a perfect example as to why blogs and forum posts should not be approved as news.

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TriggerHappy3933d ago

What have you guys anticipating Mass Effect learned from trusting news without no legit source ??

Ahhhh3933d ago

The only thing i learned is to check the OFFICIAL site for any news like this instead of listening to other people, and there rumors.

ParaDise_LosT3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

damn rumors... x)


LOL Paradise !! At least Mass Efffect actually has a Heat Index now !!!

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The story is too old to be commented.