Heavenly Sword - "Sexy Redhead Drops it like it's hot"

Heavenly Sword not only features a deep, diverse combat experience made possible only on PS3 but also very advance physics as demonstrated in this user made video.

Credits to Deep.

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Lord Anubis3536d ago

eh, that looks user created.

Ri0tSquad3536d ago

Nariko in Crackdown terrible graphics thank god its user created

killercam193536d ago

yea Heavenly Sword could only be done on the u guys are precious.

Meus Renaissance3536d ago

I need help because I was slightly turned on by that!

Real Gambler3536d ago

Don't worry, any video with Nariko in it dancing will do that to a man. Even if it's a really, really bad home made video! You're just normal...

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The story is too old to be commented.