Xbox 360 Trusty Bell Core pack only $173/€129 in Japan

Microsoft is doing everything it can to sell the Xbox 360 in Japan. Big money is spend in advertising and commercials and even the price of the Xbox 360 is lowered in Japan, to almost half the price of the Xbox 360 in America or Europe. Japanese retailer Bic Camera is now offering the Trusty Bell pack for a special price.

The Xbox 360 Trusty Bell Core Pack is on sale at Bic Camera for only 19.800 Yen, which equals about $173 or €129. The 'normal' retail price for this pack is about 30.000 Yen, which equals about $260 or €195. The Xbox 360 Trusty Bell Core Pack contains the Xbox 360 Core with all accessories plus the game Trusty Bell, which is known in America and Europe as Eternal Sonata.

Looking for a very cheap Xbox 360? Get to Japan!

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PS360PCROCKS4015d ago

This is BULLSH!T Microsoft!!

MADGameR4015d ago

This is proof that MS is desperate to sell those 360s lolz!

nasim4015d ago

x360 is the least selling console in those 2 territories.

Nobody wants a defective low powered console

doshey4015d ago

japan does not like ur 360 give up already

Bnet3434015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

$173 for an Xbox 360 with extras, you'd have to be a huge dumbass not to buy it .... Damn that is good deal my god. I don't understand, it has good games, and it's ultra cheap, are japanese people really bias? does anyone know if Japanese xbox 360's are region free? do they still act like North American 360's? im about to raid japan and buy like 5 of these

n4gno4015d ago

"FIve" : perfect for rod/UPS 1 month's waiting time.

jlemdon4015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

because Japan is bias (hate to say it) us americans have to support each other we can't be bothered that another country have this grudge on us.

UltimateTroll4015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

The Japanese are exposing this console for the scam it really is, even if it cost $10 i doubt they would buy it, heap of junk please what games does it have can anybody tell me? Gow, Lost Planet, and other sh!te lol haha 360 losers choice.

HeavyweightInTheGame4015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

And you must be the ugliest and stupidist of them all for having a name such as ultimatetroll. You're comment about losers choice is really stupid. I own a 360 and a PS3 and I feel like a winner because if a good game comes out, guess what? I can't lose. I want MGS, I can have it. I want Mass Effect, I can get it. And I didn't even have to pay a few thousand to play games that are on 360 and pc. Go and pay 3000 for a rig to play GeOW on a PC. If you can't afford that, guess you're out of luck for one of the best games of all time.

Edit: @ugly
I get fcked every night by my latina girlfriend and I go to school and have a part-time job at a networking company. Anyway, loser, I bought it so I could play the best games no matter what system they're on. I make lotsa money my friend. I can afford all 3 current gen systems if I want. Can you? You spent all your money on the most expensive system and guess what. No money for anything else so you back up your only pride and joy. They say PS3 will last 10 years. Hopefully by then you can afford a PS4. I ain't no fanboy. I got a life and I barely play games. My girl comes first. Go kiss a prince.

Edit edit: Benoit as your avatar? He was a good wrestler till he killed himself. Your avatar speaks for you. Whadayaknow. Look at my avatar and look at yours.

codeazrael4015d ago

I say we regionalize. Cut Japan out of the picture all together and use all of those millions of dollars of advertising campaigns and price drops and add to the North American market sweet deals that would make every other country jealous and make us feel loved...more. Gaming has truly reached the masses now and Japan is no longer as influential as it used to be when gaming had more of a cult following. Everybody is playing games now, and with the North American market in your pocket already, just advertise and present more special pricing to the North American market and if you are right handed, raise it up into a fist, and use your left hand to carefully raise the middle finger on your right hand, and let Japan know what we really think of them and their imperialistic views.

djt234015d ago

dude you cant cut out japan because they still own the gaming market ps2 psp ps3 wii ds GC
you have to remember that not all country like xbox 360 include japan
the only place that like the xbox 360 is US
AU EUR and JP dont like FPS so they dont like xbox 360.
you could disagree i am ok with it

BBsin4015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

The U.S already droped the ball when it came to gaming decades ago, we needed a japanese company to bring gaming back and you should be glad they did. Otherwise you wouldn't be playing the level of games you are playing today.

As for cutting off japanese relations.... i would love to see what would happen to Microsofts gaming division if they cut of all their relations with the japanese. Lets see.

No more ninja gaiden
no more resident evil
no more lost planet
no more eteral sonata
no more ace combat
no more blue dragon

yea. i would LOVE to see the day microsoft stops trying to gain more japanese influence, because MS is not a stupid company they won't ever let that happen.

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