Jack Thompson destroys BioShock... oh wait... no, he doesn't

For some undisclosed reason, Jack Thompson was watching World Wrestling Entertainment's Smackdown and spotted the classy BioShock commercial that's been airing. Sensing some straws to clutch at, Darth Thompson has written one of his classic little love notes to Take-Two, whining about how people under 17 like wrestling, so this means BioShock and all its terrible violence is being marketed to them.

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Vip3r3930d ago

Now Bioshock will recieve more media attention and will up the sales. This guy should really be in marketing.

ALI-G3930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

let me guess what he is going to say next :
" i was watching porn when Bioshock ad aired, this could lead to minors ,who are watching porn, seeing the violence in bioshock, therefore i demand the game to be CANCELED or give me 10% from the revenue
Jack Retard Thomson

thereapersson3930d ago

Jack Thompson tried to be the Big Daddy, but ended up being the Little B1tch...

Bnet3433930d ago

O mah gawd that wuz awsum!!!11 BUBBLE 4 j00!

codeazrael3929d ago

Every now and again on here you come across a comment that's the equivalent of one hitter quitter, and I can say that one took the cake.

Good Job.........btw, do you like............clowns?

tonsoffun3930d ago

I'm telling ya- let his spout his own brand of sensless, self serving politics and eventually everyone will see him as the media hungry whore that he is.

Give him enough rope and he will hang himself.

Salvadore3930d ago

IF he wants to make sure games like these are kept away form children under 17, he should simply STFU because what he's doing right now is giving Take 2 free publicity.

PS360PCROCKS3930d ago


What a FUC*ING JACKASS!!!! Stupid ass if parents let their kids watch WWF they will let them play Bioshock. What a piece of sh!t. Someone assassinate this man, and kick him in the nuts.

Waffle-boy3930d ago

Yes, first assasinate him and THEN kick him in the nuts! :D

PS360PCROCKS3930d ago

haha yes after or before AND after

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The story is too old to be commented.