Halo 3 - The Weapons of Halo 3 Detailed

As in any first person shooter, you can expect a great array of weapons to be at your disposal, and Halo 3 is no exception to that rule. Most of the weapons found in the first two Halo games will be back in Halo 3 in essentially the same form as before, but with small power changes and cosmetic differences.

Halo 3 will show us a new weapons class, called "support weapons". These weapons are excessively large, two handed weapons. When using these weapons, the view changes from that of a first person shooter into a third person view.

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ALI-G3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

(NASIM) will start sh1ting all over the carfull

back to the topic :
oh my GOD just relase the gameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
people were talking about BIOSHOCK,MASSEFFECT/METROIDE winning game of the year but they for got about HALO.SIMPLY it going to be ay in top of xboxlive for atleast 2 years no matter when GEARS OF WAR 2 COMES OUT


SpenserTracy3933d ago

This game is just getting uglier by the day. It is really ugly, not like the first one that was fantastic.

ALI-G3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

for graphic we got GEARS,BIOSHOCK ,MASSEFFECT,LOSTODESSY(2007 not 2838). ..

likely halo fans are not close minded and they new gameplay is more important than graphic,IF not HALO 2 would not surpass halo sales

@[email protected]@SpenserTracy : wait and let see the pictures from the final gamapagin game first..oh did you raed the 1up preview about how many enemies in screen at onece and about the smart A.I which the PS3 cannot handle as well as 360(according to ubisoft-they said that 2 times one with ASSISIAN CREED AND THEN WITH SPC)..i told you halo is about multiplayer (where you need clean environment and clear vision not flashy things all over the place you stupid [email protected]@

go play ur PS3 oh i forget all ur games are delayed or got sh1t reviews..sorry man ..soon i will be playing BIOSHOCK while u watching DVD in ps3


SpenserTracy3933d ago

Hey, Im not flaming here. Look at the pictures, it's ugly. Go with the nice 360 games instead, like masseffect. Gears of War wasnt that nice. Compare them to Bioshock and you will see what im talking about.

Trauma3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

These are beta build pictures.

How can you says right onthe pictures "BETA BUILD".

SpenserTracy3933d ago

Ok, you may disagree but I still think there are better looking games out there already. It's my opinion.

dinkeldinkse3933d ago

Your opinion is great halo3 sucks really bad i know halo fans that say its gonna suck.

nobizlikesnowbiz3933d ago

You can't help but rag on H3's graphics can you guys?

These are Beta build pics. Even though, they aren't bad.

I'm betting a lot of these are placeholders for better textures to be released in final game. Bungie is all about some surprises.

You guys just hate it because it's the most popular, and it's trendy for turds like yourself to 'hate the best'.

Same deal with hating on M$.

Half the details about this game probably won't even be told, they'll just surprise everyone.

And then we will be like 'thank you Bungie, I love you'.

And they will say, 'enjoy'.

It's funny when kiddies say that Halo 3 isn't anything new. It's Halo 2.5. Blaaa blaa blaa I'm insecure and my baby penis can't handle the fact that Halo destroys all.

There are so many multiplayer features, the game modes will be endless.

Seen the Flamethrower? Seen the gigantic 'elephant' mobile base, that looks like a Jawa Sandcrawler from Star Wars?


All I can say is this game is the Star Wars of our generation.

Face it.

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The story is too old to be commented.