Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD: Scam of the year?

Since the launch of Sony's PS3, the high-definition platform war is at full speed. Blu-ray Disc and HD-DVD are competing to win all over and became the standard for all our home entertainment needs. But who really care's and how should people really give in to the high-definition hype that's being poured over, on an almost daily basis?

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RadientFlux3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

Interesting article he makes some good points on the new format war.

I personally think that it's to early for a another format to replace DVD. Now Blu-ray and HD-DVD will probably still be successful for when it comes to storage (computer, consoles) but when it comes to replacing DVDs completely its just not going to happen.

The average consumer has spent far to much time and money buying all their favorite moves in DVD and new formats don't offer a big enough improvement for him to re-buy all his classics. Espically if he doesn't have a large High Def TV.

Gizmo_Logix3985d ago (Edited 3985d ago )

The article is just a SKEPTICS piece.

I agree with him that the conveniences of DVD over VHS were greater than Blu-ray over DVD. And that Blu-ray (or HD DVD) shouldn't be seen as an innovation as much as evolution. I disagree with him on the degree of adoption that VHS to DVD never had to experience. And that's the form factor. Thus, the ease of adoption for Blu-ray over DVD is less intrusive.

CD/DVD discs work in a Blu-ray player. But VHS tapes did NOT work in a DVD player. And since this 12-mm disc format makes adoption easier. It's does not need all the extra advancements that DVD had over VHS.

There's also the space issue. He glosses over that as one of the only compelling factors to get a high-def disc. But that's one of the main reasons that developers have been held back in the past. If you give them an open pallet to work with they will push the boundaries of creativity and we'll see more innovation.

And that's not even taking about the practically of extra space regarding PC storage.

By the way. Extra space and form factor aren't the only completing reason people will buy blu-ray. YOU OWN EYES WILL COMPEL YOU! Because once you've seen 1080p. You'll never look at DVD the same way! :)

thereapersson3986d ago

He fails to realize an important fact at the end, and that's if a format becomes mainstream, obviously it won't remain expensive for very long. Hell, DVD was damn expensive back in the day, but look at where we are now...

Bloodmask3986d ago

medias are beneficial but really aren't necesarry. You can buy an upscaling DVD player and/or get one that displays in 720P. The picture is still really good.

Digital distribution will be next after either Bluray or HDDVD has taken over. I don't think their lifespan will be as long as DVDs bc as the article stated the upgrades from DVD are minimal.

thereapersson3986d ago

Yeah, but the picture quality still pales in comparison to a true HD encode which HD-DVD and Blu-Ray deliver. It's like rendering an image in a set resolution and displaying it, as opposed to rendering an image at say, 640 x 480 and then upscaling it to 1080x724.

I agree that upscaling is a good substitute for many who don't wish to go HD quite yet, however.

fenderputty3986d ago

to watch upscaled 480p images.

Bloodmask3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

I guess you better throw away your entire DVD collection. As well as your PS2 and all of the games you own.

And to make yourself look like even more of an idiot the very definition of HD in an HDTV is a display resolution of at least 720P.

There are many "HD"TV's that are 720P max resolutuion.

Ju3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

So, a DVD can deliver a (native) 720p signal. That's kind'a new to me. See what I know. Go read it again.

Rageanitus3985d ago

I really dont think you should be in these conversations about bluray and hd-dvd.

I've read most of your posts, and it just doesn't seem like you've actually sat down for a full movie in hd-dvd or blu-ray.

The quality is so dramatic that it caused even a a friend of mine who is a die hard xbox fanboy and major sony hater to go out and subscribe to hd cable within 2 weeks of showing him Casino Royale and Crank on BD. Just that the quality on hd cable is still not as good as BD or HDDVD. This is for both and sound output.

As for digital distribution, guess what it's not going to be succesful in the NEAR future maybe in the far future. Bare in mind digital distribution is a FORMAT in itself. Meaning the format has to be PORTABLE to another device with the same standard codecs and playback functionlity. Electronics is a very picky topic for the informed and misinformed. Meaning when I buy an electronic from brand A I would expect this file I downloaded and paid for to be able to play on a totally different brand electronic device.

I pay good money for media and I would expect it to be portable and shareable with other devices. This is something I will not see happen in a long time, and it is not showing signs of that either right now.

I would be wrong if I say it will never happen, but to say it will happen soon , it is way too far fetched.

The internet infrastruce is still too slow for these type of files. Meaning files still take way too dam long download in a timely matter.
2nd ppl still run under download limits..

Did i already explain that Digital distrubition is a format in itself and there has to be a standard. yes I did.

To me you just seem to be blurbing out ms propagada, which MS does have very good open views, but none of these will happen on a mass scale anytime soon.

Either bd or hd-dvd will have a healty life of at least 10 years.
Only 20 percent of the american population has hd tv's and it will grow over the course of 10 years, and ppl will purchase hd cable/satelite plus bd and hd-dvd playerrs to use the feature of 1080i/1080p on the tv's found in the stores today.

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xbox360elitegamer3986d ago

I find the the article points out some important facts about the Blu-ray and HD DVD

beavis4play3986d ago

the article gives out subjective opinion, not necessarily facts.

spammy_nooo3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

with the 'new' generation growing up, i think hi-def will overtake regualar def. im only 16 but once i get outta college this year, im gonna deck out my room with all kinds of crazy cool new-age digital stuff.

most of the adults now dont really care about all that. its the young adults/kids now that will support the next wave of definition. i've yet to see a 60 year old man want 7.1 surround :). and while i know there are exceptions, i think this will play a major role in the tech industry.

in short, it may take a while but i think dvd will DEFINITELY be phased out eventually for some other hi-def format.

edit: by young adults, i mean people in their early/mid 20's. by kids i generally mean teenagers such as myself.

solidt123986d ago

Yep, You are growing up into HD. I know what you mean. All of the young folk wouldn't dare buy a standard TV once they move out of home and get there own TV's if they can help it. Its the 14-20 year old generation now that will make HD video the standard when they get independent. And the early adopters that are usually 25-45 males.

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