Mario Kart Wii - The Tracks

Mario Kart DS put all the best circuits of past Mario Kart games together into one package of Mario Kart gold and Mario Kart Wii will do the same. CVG has already seen Double Dash and Mario Kart DS tracks in the new game, and have their fingers crossed for some N64 and even SNES action, too.

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Kastor_Troii4013d ago

This game is gonna rock!! All the levels are looking nice,and they're bringing back the one player,slide,and jump that i love to use...Plus online...Cant Wait!!

ChickeyCantor4013d ago

what why wait....i have a time machine!
.....-_- i wish, i cant w8 either.

MK:DS is the best mariokart i hope they will make it more fun then the DS version.

k1ngd4n4013d ago

this is gone be awesome!!! hope the battle levels are better than the gamecubes they wer so poor! mario kart 64s ruled bring them back!!

bluegoblin4013d ago

this games looks nice and it has online multiplayer, awesome!!!

jinn4013d ago

there are more mario games for the wii than the rest of the games combined. this is why the wii sucks as well as it's controllers and graphics.

djt234013d ago

Mario kart is looking hot
12 people online damm i am going to have some fun