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Submitted by BBQWTF 3095d ago | news

Metroid Prime 3 and BioShock fight for title ' best game ' ever?

Dutch gaming-website reports, that with a perfect review for Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, and eight nearly perfect scores for BioShock, both titles will most likely duke it out for the title 'best game' ever. Read more below.

Directly translated from source:

''Two games of the same genre, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption for the Wii and BioShock for the Xbox 360 and PC, could both try to end up in the list of the top 10 best videogames of all time. Both first-person adventures, and both pioniers according to critici, are getting nearly perfect scores.

BioShock has gained eight reviews, and the average is about 9,9 out of 10. According to GameRankings, BioShock needs only two reviews with a rate of 9,7 or higher to conquer the title 'best videogame to date'. BioShock would even beat The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - which has been on top of the list for years.

Metroid Prime's first review came from the North-American magazine Nintendo Power, which gives it a perfect score of 10 out of 10. Nintendo Power didn't even gave The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, nor The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, this rating.'' (BioShock, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, PC, Wii, Xbox 360)

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Greysturm  +   3095d ago
Dont know if theyll achieve that status...
But they will give a hell of a time against Ocarina of Time and final fantasy 7 which i think are the ones most sites vote as the best games of all time. What is really syrprising is that they both are shooters.
ShiftyLookingCow  +   3095d ago
great pts
TheMART  +   3095d ago
This says it all:

"Metroid Prime's first review came from the North-American magazine Nintendo Power, which gives it a perfect score of 10 out of 10."

One review, of a Nintendo Power magazine...

While Bioshock got multiple 10's from unbiased sources and about what, 15 reviews already, giving it an average of close to a 10.

Be sure that Bioshock will top Metroid Prime 3. Probably also a good game, but not as next gen as Bioshock. You simply can't get it as good as that game on a supercharged Gamecube with the only upgraded thing the controller...
unsunghero28  +   3095d ago
That's not exactly true
Nor is it exactly fair to Metroid Prime 3.

What makes Metroid Prime 3 a next generation game is its revolutionary control scheme, properly utilizing the Wii remote's IR capabilities, and its incredible advances over what was previously considered possible with the Wii. This improvement is also graphical because the game exhibits a level of detail also unprecedented in Wii games.

Now we all know that BioShock is revolutionary in several ways, and we all know it's a terrific game. Metroid Prime 3, however, is the hardcore game the Wii has absolutely been needing. It is the game that can prove the Wii, and if it gets terrific scores than those "supercharged gamecube" remarks won't really count for anything.
ALI-G  +   3095d ago
@THEMART metroide is not in PS3 so you do not need to bash it
IGN describe it as having the best control in FPS and it will be accessible by more gamers(it will not be rated 18 ) and have huge fan base.I AM LOOKING TO PLAY BIOSHOCK IN 360 AND METROIDE IN WII
PS360PCROCKS  +   3095d ago
I agree with you Mart. Their fighting for best game ever status because Metroid prime for ONE review of 10/10 from a Nintendo Magazine!? pssh I'll wait
TheMART  +   3095d ago
"nd if it gets terrific scores than those "supercharged gamecube" remarks won't really count for anything."

Nah those supercharged gamecube comments stay.

Because the hardware, CPU and GPU are just about the Gamecube architecture, just overclocked. Internal doesn't differ that much. That's why the modchips for the Wii were done so soonish after its launch. The protection of the Wii compared to the Gamecube even stayed about the same. Hackers were laughing about the Wii, having the passwords even stayed about the same, only using capitals now or so.

Ofcourse still a fun game can be made. But the controls is not everything. Wii has about the power of the old XBOX 1 now. Real next gen physics, AI etc. just isn't possible with that kind of last gen hardware. Like they do in Bioshock, you can't get it done on the Wii.
ShiftyLookingCow  +   3095d ago
from watching the first hour of Metroid Prime, its at least going to average in the 90's. Definitely one of the better games this year.
felidae  +   3095d ago
hmmm ...
It's strange, but after watching the first hour of Metroid Corruption i'm more interested in this than in Bioshock. Looks fun!

I think i have to get mii a Wii now.
TheMART  +   3095d ago

I can't help but thinking you're a PS3 fanboy in disguise, saying you own a 360 but still don't have it.

Otherwise I'll say you need to get your head checked. Not only for Bioshock, but also for comments on other great stuff for the 360 you keep turning the most negative way possible. Just can't get it.

I mean I don't like the PS3, but also don't buy one. At least not untill games like Bioshock and Gears of War appear and the PS3 costs about 300 Euro. But IF I would get one, I would be convinced its worth and games like Bioshock or real good AAA games I would be positive over.

You just sound weird. Owning a 360, saying this, saying its only FPS while it has turned out to have 17% of FPS.

You keep repeating a strange kind of proSony messages while its not in place, or talking strange on the 360 while you just should give props to it. Some things are personal preference, but others are just plain untrue and dumb.
toughNAME  +   3095d ago
masterg  +   3095d ago

The Problem is that out of the 83% the remains, 80% is not worth playing.
I love playing shooters on the 360. But thats the only genre that is good.

On my PS3 I play other genres as well. And will be playing even more this fall.
Demon1980  +   3095d ago
Hell no, Bioshock is by far a better game and "Nintendo Power" previewed the game lol.
Anego Montoya FTMFW  +   3095d ago
can you say.........

cause thats what this is.
pshizle  +   3095d ago
how the hell
is MP3 up in there????????????????????????? ?????????????
Odiah  +   3095d ago
I'd rather play Bioshock and I only have a wii :(

I want a real FPS. Timesplitters 4 will do. Cheers.

Scanning objects all day long is not my idea of fun.
felidae  +   3095d ago
you guys are funny.

Why is it so hard to understand that there are some people out there who are not that impressed with a game like Bioshock?

I would be stupid to say that Bioshock is not a good game - but where's the problem if i like Metroid more?

Yeah, i know what the problem is. It's because someone is pssing on your favorite game or console and this is something you, TheMART, do at best, so please, shut up!

i own a 360, PS3, PSP and PS2. if you don't trust me, look at the attached picture. i can show you more pics if you want.

I'm more interested in Metroid, because i think the controls will be very innovative and fun, but i will get Bioshock for sure.

Related image(s)
doshey  +   3095d ago
i like how bioshock looks but i dont think i could ever get into it, and burn themart
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Bnet343  +   3095d ago
It's hard to understand
because the game is so hyped, anyone who doesn't say it's good might be a Sony fanboy who wants the game to fail simply because it's not on PS3. There are a lot of people like that, that guy must of thought you were one. You can still be a fanboy and another console. I'm not saying that you are, but just because you own a Xbox 360, doesn't mean you like it. Again, I'm not saying that you don't like yours or anything like that, I'm just saying you can like your PS3 better. Anyway I think it's cool that you own those two systems. I'm on my way to owning all three, but right now PS3 is high priced and the games are not really worth it. Oh and one more thing, I think Metroid Prime is a great series but,

BioShock > Metroid Prime 3
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rhood022  +   3095d ago

It's not about being a fanboy, it's what appeals to a particular gamer. Saying you don't like one game, or prefer one game over another does not make you a fanboy or a hater. For example, in spite of the hype, I will not be picking up Bioshock. It's nothing against the game itself, but I wasn't blown away by demo. Does that mean I think it won't sell or that I want it to fail? No, it just didn't appeal to me. There are other games for the 360 that interest me more.

Same goes for Metroid. I'm not going to pick it up even if it gets perfect 10s across the board. Again, that doesn't make me a fanboy for the 360 or the PS3, the game simply doesn't appeal to me. I wasn't impressed with Metroid prime 1 or 2. If they did a 2D remake, with quasi-3D graphics (like the castlevania remake for psp) then I may be interested. Like the 360, there are other games that interest me more.
PS360PCROCKS  +   3095d ago
BURN!! HAHAHA damn I don't care I will never doubt you again lmao
deadpreacher  +   3095d ago
Man that might be the first time i seen the core system. Do they really look that cheap!? Ain't saying it aint real, but it looks like a cheap display box. Sorry never seen anyone with a core before and never really looked at a pic of one ether i guess.
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Bnet343  +   3095d ago
Metroid Prime 3 vs. BioShock
Obviously BioShock wins, just look at the reviews. Metroid Prime 3 has only gotten one review from NINTENDO POWER and it hasn't been hyped as much as BioShock. BioShock will outsell and outscore Metroid Prime 3.
Hooby  +   3095d ago
hype has nothing to do with how good an actual game is. Reviews scores do, and until MP3 gets more reviews we can't really say.

Your post is dumb.
Bloodmask  +   3095d ago
I have no doubt that Bioshock is a great game.
But Metroid has a legendary status in my book. Just like Zelda does. I have been playing Meroid ever since the NES days.

I would rank Super Metroid for SNES as one of the greatest games of all time. It is one of the few games I have played through again just to get a 100% completion score to unlock all the easter eggs.
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Eclipticus  +   3095d ago
So does this mean due to the legendary status, and the fact that Super Metroid, that Any Game in the Metroid franchise, automatically gets a higher score?
Daxx  +   3095d ago
BioShock is just so original.
I mean how many FPSs have you down in the depths of the Atlantic in a city that has gone to hell with it's remaining citizens lurking the halls hunting for adam?
ChickeyCantor  +   3095d ago
They compare games that play different in their own rights.
i don't know whats wrong with these people who make these comparisons i mean first it was VS halo now its VS bioshock.

If you are a gamer who gamed for almost or over 20 years you will know what Metroid is about and you shouldn't compare them to games like these not even for best title....some will bash it anyway and some will embrace it same thing will go for bioshock.

i still have to get a ps3 and xbox360, and will eventually get bioshock too, but i think Metroid will get me more hyped then bioshock because i love the franchise.
For gamers who never played Metroid, its no brainer, they will like bioshock more.

Like bloodmask is saying " Metroid has a legendary status" and its also like that in my book.
Kastor_Troii  +   3095d ago
Is too much of a heavyweight to be compared to a newbie game like bioshock.Dont get me wrong about bioshock being a nice looking game,but Metroid has many additions to its belt and its a Veteran amongst the videogame Community!!
snoop_dizzle  +   3095d ago
i just need a wii.

Smash bros, and mario galaxy are coming out this year correct?
Dr Pepper  +   3095d ago
Descendant  +   3095d ago
Maybe I Am Just Different...
But I could care less about Metroid Prime 3. I've had a bad experience with both part 1 and 2, and I am not going to waste anymore of my money when there are tons of games coming out this year. In my opinion Bioshock is the better game just solely on the fact it will have a better story-line.
Double-Edged  +   3095d ago
I know this is off topic....
but uuhhh
if smash bro's becomes really good.

I'm buying a wii+metroid+smashbros

before a PS3.

Metroid is comming along really nice. kudos to nintendo
and wow
TheFamilyGuy  +   3095d ago
wtf, lol.
So Metroid Prime 3 gets one 10/10 and it is being called a possible best game ever. BioShock can be since it has 10 reviews with an average of 99/100, but MP3 has only one yeah...
texism  +   3095d ago
Ok, just the fact that this game is being compared to BIO freakin SHOCK means that Nintendo has definitely not forgotten the hardcore gamer.

And OMG some fanboys are just sooo stupid! I remember when I bashed the Wii and someone accused me of being a 360 fanboy. Yes! A 360 fanboy.

Im also going to get this game on day one.
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bluegoblin  +   3095d ago
you keep saying that the bioshock graphics could't be done on the Wii and i agree but i also think that THE GAMEPLAY!!! of metriod can not be achieved on the 360. Result Metriod wins.
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Eclipticus  +   3095d ago
All I know is that this is a good holiday season for gamers.
Bioshock. Mass Effect, Halo3. Metroid. Drake. SSB. Assasins Creed. Heavenly sword. . .
And so much more, i cant recall them all.

. A Disagree... Okay your right, this is a crappy holiday season for gamers. No good games coming out, what the hell was i!
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MK_Red  +   3095d ago
Metroid has no chance against BioShock. Also, according to GameRankings average scores, Ocarina Of Time is the best of all with 97.5 and then Soul Calibur wuth 97. Right now BioShock is at 98.2 and could become the ultimate best :)
bluegoblin  +   3095d ago
i saw one comment of yours saying that you loved metroid games so Why are you saying that it has no chance against bioshit.
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Eclipticus  +   3095d ago
why cant he love two games, why cant he love one a lil bit more than the other.
Like parents love one kid a little more than their other kids?
bluegoblin  +   3095d ago
HOW do you dare compare OCARINA OF TIME to bioshock.Bioshock is just another exelent shooter just like Gears of war or halo ,etc. What i mean is that there is plenty of good shooters and only one OCARINA OF TIME!!!!
ShadoWulf  +   3095d ago
"Be sure that Bioshock will top Metroid Prime 3. Probably also a good game, but not as next gen as Bioshock. You simply can't get it as good as that game on a supercharged Gamecube with the only upgraded thing the controller..."

Since when does being 'next gen' make a great game? I agree (although I personally like Metroid better) that BioShock will most likely be on top, but please keep in mind that none of ANY system's so called 'next gen' games could beat Ocarina of Time. Absolutely no one would consider an N64 game next-gen, yet it's held the title for so many years. This is obvious proof that gameplay and story are what count in a game, which puts all systems on a level field. If we're comparing MP3 and Bioshock (which we shouldn't, really, because there's only 1 rating for Metroid) then let's take a look at the game as a whole, not just the graphics or the system. Retro has just as much of an ability to make a great game as 2K Games.
beavis4play  +   3095d ago
these "greatest game ever" conversations are a waste of time. each person decides for his/herself what games they consider "great". i know i could never decide on the "greatest" game i've ever played because i've played too many good ones and even better games are coming.
toughNAME  +   3095d ago
to me
theres a difference between 'best' game, and best reviewed game

Bioshock might become the best reviewed game ever

but so far, and i know this is early, but Halo 3 has my vote for 'best' game
(2nd is the original PD)
spartan112g  +   3095d ago
I am still going to skip over Bioshock because I do not want it at all. I may get Metroid though.
ParaDise_LosT  +   3095d ago
MP3 vs Mass Effect vs HS vs Warhawk vs Bioshock vs CoD4vs H3...
Which will win Game of the Year!
Dun dun duuuuun
ktchong  +   3095d ago
for Mass Effect to come out. That game will change everything.
#27 (Edited 3095d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Hooby  +   3095d ago
It's not a completley new system. It won't change everything because it's like a supercharged kotor with an original story. Great game I'm sure, but the whole talking to people and choosing was made famous by kotor.
Rockstar  +   3095d ago
Bioshock FTW
Shaka2K6  +   3095d ago
Metroid Prime is so freaking horrible and boring, plz even i think bioflop, i mean bioshock is decent comparing to Metroid Prime 3, even though bioflop has no multi player which is a must these days for any next gen. console its still decent next to Metroid Prime 3, hell this trash doesnt even have online play it will get boring fast.

anyways both shooters are crap Unreal 3 and Haze will destroy them.
Hooby  +   3095d ago
No. It's not a must, as made apparent by games such as: Bioshock and MP3!

Eclipticus  +   3095d ago
Why is Multi-player, mandatory?
Oh, its not.
If a game, needs Multi-player to succeed, and be considered a good game. I am definatly not interested in it. Story, Graphics, Controls, That Is what I am interested in. If the story flows better as a single player game. I am all for it. If it has a visual style, I am all for it. If the control isnt horrendous, all the better.
If I want Multi-player, i will call some friends over, open some beers and chips. And play 2/3/4 player games the original. in the same room, talking sh!t to each other face to face.
Not to say multiplayer is wrong, unnecessary or pointless. because its not. I do see the value of it. And it is fun, to jump online and play across the net. But not at the cost of a story. not for 50/60 bucks am i gonna pick up that game, if that is all it is about, or the number one attraction to it.
but new generation of players, expect and demand new features i suppose.
Skytrooper21  +   3095d ago
Both competitiors for game of the year
Metriod vs Bioshock
Now, i know everyone is entitled to their opinion so here's mine. Both these games will be amazing. I have found bioshock not only to look amazing but also have a deep well thought out story line. And new interesting items and weapons. Very well redifining a sub genre adventure FPS

Metriod on the other hand could very easily could be just as good minus graphics plus the best FPS controls to date.

Either is a fair and deserving winner, heck i wish they both could win but since they can't I will have to say that Bioshock will more than likely win... Even though i am a die-hard nintendo fan, they haven't done much to hype mp3... a dedicated channel good idea but...too little too late.

Whether mp3 or Bioshock are better than each other idk, but i can say in confidense that many nintendo gamers will buy mp3 but not enough to beat bioshock apprently large fan base

I really like mp3 more than bioshock just looking at the facts and the companies nintendo loses out.
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