3D Animations In Mid-Air Using Plasma Balls

apan's National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) has developed a device that uses lasers to project real three-dimensional images in mid-air.

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P4KY B3963d ago (Edited 3962d ago )


In my defence, I have just watched 2 hours of Halo 1&2 cut scenes.

ShiftyLookingCow3963d ago

nope not at first, 3D projection is used all over sci fi

Daxx3962d ago

Shodan, Cortana, in Star Wars, IRobot, and many many more scifi-movies and video games.

Maddens Raiders3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )


MaximusPrime3962d ago

i want to see a video version. i can't find it.

Bloodmask3962d ago

I believe eventually this technology will be the future.

Of not only gaming,cell phones, computers, everything.

Things sure have come a long way since the old Atari days. I know it is way off in the future but to think that this technology will one day most likely appear in a games console sure does dazzle the mind.

sloth4urluv3962d ago

yeah... pictures some guy using his halo phone when someone bumps into him and causes him to get 3rd degree burns.

If it uses high power lasers to heat the air you know thats a bad thing. air provieds very little resistance for photons so if the air is getting hot enough to ionize the atoms its not going to be to good for anyhting else in its path.

And for advertisements over the city better make sure a flock of birds or an airplane dosnt fly in its path.

ghettocheeze3962d ago

Popular Science magazine did a whole issue on this stuff about 5 years ago. They said this technology will replace all image display technology such as TV, monitors, cinema projection, handheld display and will become the standard method of projecting images in 3 dimensional space.


What? How could anyone clain a standard format without a format war before? You know we NEED format wars, don't you?


And how the hell you get a disagree? In a Tech no-console-related news?

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