PC Magazine Editor Throws in the Towel on Vista

Disappointment for a long time Vista supporter.

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MK_Red4052d ago

I always wait for 1 to 2 years before upgrading to new versions of Windows but this time it looks like I'm gonna have to wait a bit longer.

CaliGamer4052d ago

Monopolies and subsidies can breed inferior products. MS is the biggest recipient of government subsidies in the US today (See Auto industry as a past example with horrible consequences), maybe this has made them lazy and now the public becoming more aware of the flaws of their products. This could be the opportunity Linux needs.

Then again, maybe it just needs more time to catch on, but I say its good for a company like MS to be called to task every once in a while. Keeps them honest.

jromao4052d ago

I still use XP because necessary for my VS2005 and Vista isn't in my plans, Linux move is granted.

thereapersson4052d ago

Funny how MS makes XP and it's great; they make the original XBOX and it's great. They come out with Vista and it's utterly unbearable, and they release the 360 and it crashes left and right.

I guess this round just isn't for Microsoft; maybe next time?

ShiftyLookingCow4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

XP was far from great when it was released. I had numerous blue screens of death and all kinds of cr*p

"Then again, maybe it just needs more time to catch on, but I say its good for a company like MS to be called to task every once in a while. Keeps them honest."

I agree MS certainly needs that whack in the back once every while.

"[VS2005] and Vista isn't in my plans, [Linux] move is granted."

looks like a contradiction unless you use VS2005 for basic stuff(in which case VS2005 Vista specific patch for SP1 was released some months back). Good if you do move to Linux, linux deserves more attention for sure.

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MaximusPrime4052d ago

i purchased Vista. 95% installed it. PC crashed. Sold Vista. Reinstalled XP.

Complete waste of my time.

ShiftyLookingCow4052d ago

really you bought one for 200-300 bucks and gave up in one install? I hope you returned it instead of selling it as it wouldn't have sold for much

WilliamRLBaker4052d ago

yeah darth that seems odd. he spends 200+ dollars and gives up after the first problem? lol seems fake to me.

MaximusPrime4052d ago

actually it was an upgrade. i bought it off ebay $100

EaziG4051d ago

PanixATK tried installing it more than just once. each time it bowled out at 95%.

personally i reckon a nerd in his bedroom could create a better operating system.

dont buy vista.

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CaliGamer4052d ago

Excuse any typos that you might encounter (i.e. Long Time vs. Longtime). Its my first successful news article and I was unable to make the proper corrections in time. Thanks to everyone who approved this article.

alexander22rednaxela4052d ago

I installed vista and have not issues to date.

Zhuk4052d ago

I am a happy vista customer, but there's no real incentive to upgrade yet unless you want a slicker looking desktop. I've only had problems installing some older games, though those were fairly easily overcome and I got them running without too much trouble.

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The story is too old to be commented.