Playstation Move Hardware Review from Chronic Reload

Sick of seeing Move against a white background with stars shooting out of it Chronic Reload stuck it on a carpet and took a photo.

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KratosGirI2748d ago

The calibration can be a pain in the ass sometimes, but overall, this is one nice piece of hardware!

Cevapi882748d ago

don't freak out when you take your tv, ps3, and move outside and try to play a game....

poopsack2747d ago

Im pretty sure this man (Cevapi) was being sarcastic

hakis862747d ago

But you never know! A few weeks back some idiots were outside in the sun with their beercans and PSMove - and "OMG the calibration doesn't work!!!" (although the move kinda worked, haha :-) ).

Cevapi882747d ago

are people really this slow?? i was calling out the idiots who took the move outside with their ps3 and tv....this is why people lose faith in humanity....people cant laugh things off

2747d ago
AKS2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

Not only did this thing not work well outside in bright daylight, its performance was terrible underwater when I tried using it at a pool party I just threw. Major disappointment.

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WildArmed2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

Because taking your 'TV' and Ps3 out in the sun makes soo much sense..
esp. if you are a HDTV owner, I doubt you'd want to move it bcoz you feel like playing Move outside..

*sighs* Only if SOCOM4/Dead Space 2/K2 would come out earlier I wouldn't be stuck mainly playing Demos until their release! >:)

jjacinto232748d ago

The calibration is only takes 5 seconds........OFF TOPIC i was playing the Glladiator and the archery with TWO MOVE and i like it how it feels.... shoot is amazing too the only game that i didn't pay attention is the Kung Fu Rider and "get fit will mel B" so far i love the move


The Calibration only takes like 5 seconds.

cyberwaffles2747d ago

Hardware review from Chronic Reload? are they talking about weed and reloading a bowl of it or something?

shit, if thats the case then this review is biased. everything seems amazing when you're high lol

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user83971442748d ago

"Playstation Move for Playstation 3 is Available this Wednesday the 17th September for €39.99 stand alone or €59.99 bundled with the Playstation Eye"
Somebody needs to look at a calendar more often.

WildArmed2748d ago

lmfao +bubs

I think the guy is still stuck in '08.
17th Sept was a Wednesday in 2008.

T9X692748d ago

Well at least they got the actual date right of Sept 17, that woman on Fox news said the 19th, but then again the way she was talking, she seemed a little "slow".

WildArmed2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

Major retailers are listing it as 17th Sept 2010(!)

While SONY is listing it as 19th Sept 2010*


So actually, the Fox News 'reporter'(i think that was the word you were looking for ^^ ) was right on the mark

T9X692747d ago

Ahh I see, well either Sony is slow and don't know their own release date, or major retailers are stupid lol.

DigitalRaptor2747d ago

Hello? Region specific relase dates anyone?

Mainland Europe - 15th September
UK - 17th September
North America - 19th September
Japan - 21st September

MachinaMaw2748d ago

It would be cool if you could detach the glowing ball and throw it around.

memots2748d ago

Would you like to smack those balls around too?
glowing balls excite you?

Army_of_Darkness2747d ago

Oh yeah man! its the smartest thing ever!! spend $59 for the move controller just to detach the glowing ball and smash it to little itsy bitsy pieces!!!
F#@Kin brilliant idea bro......

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

If that happen, then Sony would sell Glowing balls to buy for less than $5.

gta_manic2747d ago

Ya and M$ would sell them for $50, also just curious, would the ball end rip or detached easily, I've never had those balls in my hands(ya i just did that)

darkequitus2747d ago

I guest I have been off the ball. I did not realize it was being released so soon.
I want that Sorcery game, so it is going to be a $130 + game investment. I put off buy until its release date. They may have a bundle then.

GrooveChampion2747d ago

Wouldn't it only cost $140 since it's a first party game and you don't need a nav-controller? You can use a dualshock/sixaxis instead.

The Sports Champion bundle is $99 right now. Sorcery is first party and supposedly those are going to be $40 if it's move only.

darkequitus2747d ago

I did a dummy runny holding the sixaxis in my hand. I don't like it. I'd prefer to spend the $30 and get the sub-controller. I suppose there is no harm getting the sports bundle now and the sub when sorcery comes out.

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